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Ok Nutritional Evaluation Appointment Done..

  1. SuzyLove
    OK everybody had my Nutritional Evaluation done. She pretty much gave me the run down everything i need to eat and put in my body after surgery. She did want history what have been my eating habbits, why i wanted to opt out surgery now. She was super nice i really liked her and she was very helpful. I have my Psych evaluation this friday and Surger Seminar on Jan 9th things are going so fast!! So nervous she said wont be long I will be having the surgery date since things are going pretty smooth and fast in their end. Im so happy!! Im still very nervous of the IF's and what if something goes wrong but I know its normal. Im just amazed how fast its going i started all this at the begining of the month and here we are things going so fast..Wow to think at the end of the year be posting a after pictures is amazing.
  2. isabel2
    I wish you luck. I was sleeved on dec.17 2013 it was not so bad. You just have to take it one day at a time
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