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Who is holding *Your* shovel?

  1. Graciegurl
    "There is no hole we cannot dig ourselves out of when we accept we are the ones holding the shovel." -Blessings, Regina of Romancing Your Soul

    I love Regina's daily inspirational message! When I read today's message I related it to my own hole which I have dug with spoon and fork. I did not get to be 120 lbs over weight by breathing the air! I am responsible for my actions and I have control of my actions. As I move closer and closer to my surgery date I know that if I am going to be successful I need to get come to terms with how I got here, make peace with the past and understand my food triggers. I am holding the shovel and the holes I am going to dig now are holes that I am going to fill with self love, incentives, awareness and gratitude!!! ! Renew growth and the promise that what we plant we shall reap. The bountiful rewards of success, mental health and well being shall spring forth upon us!

    Be healthy and Be well and most of all Be kind to yourself!
  2. Mccourtl
    Gracie, your posts are always such an inspiration. I think your positive attitude and desire to succeed will carry you through all of the challenges you may face. Leslie
  3. Graciegurl
    Thank you Leslie!!!! You too will suceed because of your positive attitude!!!
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