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Slow weight loss

  1. abcd1234

    I had my sleeve 6/3/13. From Pre-op to current, i'm down 35 pounds. Most of this was during the first 3 weeks. The last 3 -4 weeks has been extremely slow and almost non-existent. Is this normal for pcos gals?
  2. RedAnna
    I had something similar. I had my surgery 5/20. I hit a plateau and wasn't losing anything for 2 weeks. I too have PCOS but I am not sure its related. I switched up my diet and started losing again. I went back to protein shakes for all meals except dinner. I just hit another plateau and haven't lost in a week. So I am thinking about doing it again. Also increase your exercise. I did notice that even though I wasn't actually losing weight my clothes were getting loose. Hang in there!! 35lbs is a lot!! And it may be your body telling you it needs to slow down...
  3. LoraG
    Just wanted to remind you that even if the scale isn't moving your body is still changing. I weigh every week, take full body photos and measure once a month. I noticed that even if I hadn't lost as much weight as the month before I had still lost a lot of inches. Keep working towards your goals...it will come off!!
  4. abcd1234
    Thank you - those are very encouraging words!
  5. lakegirl
    Dealing with something similar too. Sleeved 6/12/13 and since end of Aug. my weight loss has just stopped. The scale continues to go up /down 4lbs and it won't budge. Doc says I'm doing everything right, but its extremely frustrating. Last month I didn't even see any changes in inches (actually went up?) I'm still keeping focused, but its hard when you don't see anything happening. My period is out of whack last 2mos as well so I'm sure that has something to do with it. Been waiting 6wks to get my period??? Yet feels like it will come everyday-pms-ing. Real tired of it. lol. I'm usually like clockwork. Anybody still on PCOS meds?
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