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Nuclear Stress Test....

  1. StacyD
    Today is my nuclear stress test........ I don't know about the rest of you but my anxiety level is overflowing! Everytime I go to a doctor my heart is racing, my mind is scrambled......I'm so anxious about not having this surgery. I've tried breathing it out.....meditating it out..... Holy Moly!!!!! Wish me luck!!!
  2. Slamer3
    Good luck ...let us know
  3. Ras2122
    Good Luck!!!!
  4. tangerine818
    Stacyd I feel you mine is on 10/9/13 and my prayers are with you.
  5. tahani
    what is a nuclear stress test? is it something all sleevers have before surgery? I have not heard of it yet. My surgery is on the 16th
  6. rxtech932002
    A nuclear stress test is when they put an iv in you inject a dye take pictures of your heart at rest then they take pictures again of your heart when its under stress ie walking on the treadmill, riding bike or in my case injection of a material called lexiscan which speeds your heart rate up just like exercise will. The test isn't bad at all and it is an all day thing usually and its usually done in the cardiologists office or hospital. Being a 38 soon to be 39 yr old heart patient with 2 heart attacks and heart failure cause of my obesity ive had these tests before. As a former pharmacy technician that worked at a cardiac hospital Ive seen this pretty much every day
  7. Think
    Hope your test went well!!
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