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Nuclear treadmill test?

  1. StacyD
    I don't know what it is but every doctor I go to has some other plan in his head. My B/P was fine, my cardio scan thing was fine, my heart and chambers he said sounded great.......so one might conclude I'll sign you off for surgery. NOPE. How bout we doubly make sure and do a nuclear treadmill test. *(&^(&%%(&^)*(&*( I am so annoyed.

    Has anyone here had one and if ya did - what am I to expect? I told him point blank I'm not a runner - if I were a runner I wouldn't be looking to get bariatric surgery....he just looked at me and continued to write the script for the nuclear test lol
  2. Juliebythec
    Money, money, money! Sometimes they make me angry with all of these tests. Just get through it and keep your eye on the prize. I am 10 days out of surgery and down 20 pounds. Take a deep breath and do what they want. No way around it. I did a nuclear treadmill a few years ago. They inject some dye and make sure everything is moving along and there are no blockages.
    Good Luck
  3. StacyD
    Julie thank you and I hate to say it but it is all about money I feel. My eye is on the prize and I can't wait to get to where you are. THank you for your reply!
  4. rxtech932002
    As a heart patient ive had the nuclear stress test that included the treadmill. Your dr should let you walk on it. I walked during my stress test due to my knees and asthma. Neither test isn't bad at all. They basically turn up the treadmill as you are walking or if you cant walk or run they inject a medicine called lexiscan which speeds the rate of the heart up which is what they have to do with me. My surgeon requires a EKG and if you have a heart condition cardiac clearance from a cardiologist and that is why the EKG, but I guess requirements vary from surgeon to surgeon, I Had a stress test in july so they done a ekg with it.
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