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Hello Everyone!! Looking for Suggestions, Advice, etc

  1. bulldog
    I am getting sleeved on October 16, 2013. I am really excited about this journey. I have many medical issues that I hope this surgery will help and also give me back my life. I had started looking into surgery a year ago but just could not commit to anything. About 2 months ago, a person I know walked into my Certified Public Manager course looking sassy and like a new person. I talked with her and she did the lap band procedure. She told me who she used and how she really liked his office. I did some research and scheduled an appointment with him. By the time I left I was feeling great and made my decision right there. I am nervous about giving up so much but my daughter tells me that maybe this time next year I might be wearing her size which is a 9. I told her we would see but just the weight to be gone and to feel like I can go do things without getting tired will be such a blessing. I am scared though that something will happen but I have not heard any bad about this procedure. I would love suggestions, what to expect, any comments anyone would love to share.
    are you doing lapband or gastric sleeve...sorry, wasn't clear
  3. scentual1
    Everyone is different, but you can expect some good days and some bad days. There will probably be lots of medical tests and probably a long insurance approval process. The important thing is to stay committed to the process, even after surgery. It felt like it took forever for my surgery to happen once I made the decision, but just like everything else, eventually you will get to where you want to be. Good luck! If there is anything specific you want to know, just feel free to reach out.
  4. wlol1987
    Hi, its been over 100 days since my surgery and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had alot of reservations before and right after, but i don't regret one stitch of it!! Lol it will be trying at times, and depressing, but what suggest is find a support group. They are not judging or bossy, just there with kind words and encouragement. I go online everyday to keep up with my new friends and their progress and it keeps me positive. Hang in there its worth it!!
  5. bulldog
    I am doing the sleeve. I have been approved by insurance already. Just have to do the scope, and meet with all the counselors and do pre-op surgery class.
  6. fritsanpdx
    I had my sleeve on 4/3/13 (6 months ago today!) and I'm down 70 lbs. I've had no issues with the procedure. I have had to make major adjustments on how I see food-it's nourishment not comfort. I have no regrets (other than wishing I would have done it years ago). It's not a cure but a great tool for improving your life. My 2 cents is to make sure you get up and move as soon as possible afterwards, don't rush getting back to solid food, and drink the required amount of water. Good Luck!
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