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recovery advise...

  1. Daphne
    I just had my surgery on September 17. I know that major surgery takes time for recovery and for me to feel "normal" again. Can anyone give me advise on the road to recovery? One of the things I'm struggling with physically is pain/pressure in my chest - kind of like gas pains. Also, the road ahead seems very daunting and overwhelming some days. I could sure use prayer and advise as I walk this journey. Thanks!
  2. goldengal
    Hi Daphne,
    My middle name is Daphane pronounced the same just spelled different. Everyday will be a little easier. Just take it one day at a time. You are going thru a lot of changes physically, mentally, emotionally ect.. I will be praying and this is an excellent way to grow spiritually. Every time you feel overwhelmed, tired, want food that u can't have, spend time with the Lord. He is our refuge in time of need. Walking helps me, reading posts helps know what to expect and what is "normal". This is a journey, try to have patient and learn to listen to your body and its needs, so you can nurture and care for it! You will be feeling better soon.
  3. binalyn

    1) Listen to your body.
    2) Respect what it is telling you.
    3) Keep moving - it's hard at times but those are the times you need it most.
    4) Keep a gross of Gas-X close by. Walking and Gas-X will do wonders for the pain.
    5) Remember - you're only 6 days out - give yourself a break....God will.

    You're in my prayers. It does get better but it will take sometime before you feel normal again. I'm almost 4 weeks out and I am finally getting back to the point. It's a process just as your walk with the Lord is. Respect that walk and respect your body.
  4. Rootzy
    Iwent to the Er for those pains.......nothing helped but they passed in time. Before u know it, you'll feel better than in years!!
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