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Surgery in 2 days!!! What are your post-op liquid favorites?

  1. sarahthepirate
    Hi everyone! I'm new to the group and have been browsing around! My surgery is Monday the 23rd. I'm a low BMIer -- 216 and 5'4". My doc did not put me on a special pre op diet but I am replacing two meals today and tomorrow with shakes. I did off and on for the past month replace one or two meals. I'm excited! I'm worried since I did not have a pre op diet that it will be a huge shock to my system. Anyway, I'm excited! I'm going to Costco today to buy Premier protein shakes, I bought some soups from my doc...any other liquids favorites? Thanks!
  2. Julesmirage70
    good luck!
  3. bikemom
    Hi! You and I are quite similar... my date is 9-24 and Im 54", 207 lbs. I was put on a liquid diet by my doctor, with the option to swap two of them for lean meals, i e no carbs. I guess different doctors have different ways of doing things. Good luck tomorrow!
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