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In Mexico now, surgery tomorrow...

  1. kericoder
    Well, my husband and I made it from Portland, OR to San Diego to Tijuana today. Everything is going according to plan. I went through Mexico Bariatric Center and was picked up by Victor at the airport shortly after we arrived. He was very professional and nice and the van was nice too.
    The hotel is really nice too. A coordinator came in and gave me instructions for tomorrow and answered any questions.We just got room service too. My husband had a burger and fries and I had the chicken broth. It was really good and all was $12.00 so not too bad.
    Now I'm just nervous about surgery tomorrow. I hope all goes well. I'll fill ya in later.
  2. simplysexy50s
    Please do not give your money (balance) to anyone but the center, the nurse took my cashiers check and was not suppose to, also they will be selling you Ed's before you return home so check dates and prices but the surgery went great, you feel better after the first day, they will take care of you. I was at the Jerusalem Hospital surgery was Aug. 19th back at home and doing well good luck and it is one of the best decisions I have made
  3. Kmb
    Nobody at your hospital is going to ask you for $ .. Everything will go great. Keep us posted, will be thinking of you.:-)
  4. Dandyjaylee
    Good luck...will be going to Mexico in a few months. Pls tell us how u got on.
  5. Vg1978
    Good luck tomorrow, you're gonna do great!
  6. Jenniferkatie
    You'll do awesome! Ours was with Ready4aChange | Your Bariatric Surgery Resource! and it was a package deal...all included was 3 bowls of chicken broth a day and all medications too so no out of pocket once you arrive...never was asked for money because it was prepaid before we left...Good luck, and enjoy your stay!
  7. kericoder
    Hey everyone, first day was pretty rough with alot of pain but today is alot better. Yeah, nobody has asked me for money or anything. I prepaid everything and only my husband is paying for food. Everyone here has been great. I just can't wait to get the drain out so I won't get the pain with deep breaths. I'm drinking liquids now and have already drank about 3 of the smaller cups. Well, gonna rest a little now. Thanks everyone for the good words.
  8. Trophywife
    Hi everyone. I'm new to the group. Hearing all your experience is so helpful. I'm joining the tiny tummy team October 11. With dr Cabrera.
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