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Back and feel great

  1. Rootzy
    I was so worried about what to expect but all went well. I'm home now with little pain. So far so good.
  2. tbrown9
    Wonderful news!! Welcome to the loosers bench!
  3. mrslml2002
    Great news! Glad you are feeling good.
  4. ucstars
    Glad it is goig well. And it gets better every day. Praise the Lord oh my soul!
  5. MistyS
    I had mine Friday 9/6 still in hospital today. Im having allot pain on the left side (they also did a hi lateral hernia repair). I'm having to stay on top of meds allot. Sips of water are even painful and I get a cramping pain than it subsides.
  6. Dixiekitti
    My surgery is still to come. Sept. 20th is my date. Everything i hear is so positive, i cant wait to have it done. I will be praying for speedy recoveries for all and control with the pain.. God Bless
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