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Got my Sleeve on Everyone!!!!!

  1. sosoul2
    I had my vertical sleeve surgery on the 15th of July. Right now I don't know what to feel cause I have all of these emotions bursting inside of me. Wow! a new way of life I tried to go home the next day after my procedure was done but my nurse was kind enough to give me the facts and I just wasn't ready, but guess what? I'm home today drinking all my fluids that I can stand for. So m advice let your nurse help ou when you see your in need and don't be stubborn.
  2. RhodaG
    Congratulations and welcome to the world of sleevers. Get to know your new body and your limitations. It's so important right now.
  3. msnycia2u2013
    OCongratulations and welcome to other side
  4. DLashe
    Congratulations! I'm scheduled to have my sleeve on August 5th. Thank you so much for the advice.
  5. Stacyj4
    Congratulations and welcome.
  6. scentual1
    Congratulations!! I had to stay in the hospital for 2 days also, but that was probably best. Good luck with your recovery. It will go by pretty fast.
  7. sosoul2
    Thank you all for the well-wishes. I can sleep on my sides with no problem my Doc went through my belly button. I'm just trying to drink these fluids which is so hard any suggestions anyone.?
  8. ABrandnewme2013
  9. ToyaReady4Change
    I'm only 7days out. All I can say is sip sip sip. Male sure u stop as u feel full and try again an hour later I don't stress myself with it, yes its hard to get them in n u get tired trying to get them in..LOL Good luck..
  10. hope4me
    Hello sosoul2 and congratulation on a successful surgery. Just want to say just do what your Doc has planned for you to do. A good rule is not to go by what others progress look like as we fair alone differently. Take your time. If you can't drink much. Just do the best you can. When it is time to start eating. you will find that this is a little hard( it is for some) It was for me. But again you do what you can do. Because the body has to get reid of that swelling, It has to heal. Later on you will be able to feel what I call normal and you will be able to eat much better. It gets better as the time go alone. So here's to nothing but great things for you.
  11. Bq791
    Welcome to the sleeved life!
  12. hope4me
    Bq where have you been?
  13. Lalaangeleyes
  14. Phoenixrise
    hey everyone I have my sleeve done last year in July 2012 on the 7th and I start off at 273 lbs. At 5'6" today I am a year and a month out well few days shy of the month and I m at 168 lbs. before anyone congratulate me I just wanted to let you know I lost that weight the slow way meaning ah if I would have exercised in capite daily routine I probably would have lost more but for me just losing the weight even though slow it didn't bother me there's another patient who had surgery I say in October of last year who's lost just as much weight as I have do to keeping a daily routine she bought a treadmill and walked every day and her home and she ate correctly she changed her eating habits. So if your sleeve is successful in helping you lose weight it will come off. also know when to stop if you feel full stop eating. You also need to slow down eating especially in the first 6 months because your body can't tell the difference right now from hunger and thirst and thatvis why your are encouraged to drink thirty mins before eating. It also helps you not become dehydrated. I just encourage you guys not to get upset is coming off too slow are feel that your failure because I didn't really follow the rules and had a great outcome I can say it will work you just have to give it the time and if you're patient enough you'll see results and don't let stall discourage you come into this knowing you will have stalls and that will get you through. so if you want to see results sooner I encourage you to follow your diet and try your best to incorporate a daily or other type of exercise routine in your lifestyle doing just this much will help you to have less dolls then others and you will see better results as far as how your body shapes up. what seems to help a lot of people that I talk to is having the support just by other sleevers.
  15. toblessed82
    Congratulations, follow your Dr's orders and heal well an also enjoy u can do this
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