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Excited for my new life to begin

  1. Mbelle
    Hi everyone I will be having my surgery September 25th and very excited. I'm currently at 260lbs and I'm 5'4 trying to get an idea on the amount if weight people have lost in a bout 3 mo the. I know everyone us different but just curious. I have started to get my protein shakes in the morning and reducing my intake of carbs. Last night I went to dinner with my hubby and boys and ordered an appetizer instead of a meal. I'm making baby step changes till I get closer to my surgery.
  2. AnnieT
    Every one's weight loss will differ. I started at 254. I did the 10,000 steps a day program, followed a 1600 calorie diet for 2 months then did the 3 week liver shrinking diet, had surgery at 224, so 30 pounds lost. I was amazed that during the awful liver shrinking diet phase, I lost 5 lbs per week. That certainly made the diet more tolerable. Now I am 3 1/2 months post surgery. I've lost 41 pounds since April 24. Total lost since 2/15/13=71 lbs! One of the best things about the pre surgical weight loss so that I was under 230 lbs, is that it made it possible for the surgeon to only make one incision. One incision means less pain, less recovery time, less chance of infection. Best wishes and congratulations on your new journey.
  3. VioletCrumble
    I had my surgery on May 6th. My starting weight before any pre-op was 228. I'm 5'3". Today my weight is 188. I'm losing pretty slowly in my opinion because I dropped 8 lbs. during my 10 day pre-op. But I'm ok with that because I'm learning valuable habits, not depriving myself, and still losing slowly but steadily.
  4. Rusa
    I started at 246, had my surgery May 13, as of today I've lost 40.2 (10 lb) was before surgery, so 30 since surgery. It's about 10 lbs per month. Feeling great!
  5. Mbelle
    Thanks for the information I really appreciate it.
  6. annabel
    What is the 10,000 steps program?
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