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Years of yo yo dieting I've finally decided to get sleeved

  1. Natalieb115
    It's a HUGE decision! i have 6 children the youngest is 10 months. I just am so unhappy in my own skin. I will be a better mom, wife, sister,friend when I am happy with myself. My weight as ALWAYS defined who I think I am and now I ready to let ME define me! The turning point for me was this winter when my oldest daughter left on a mission for our church and I didnt get in ANY pictures with her. MY OWN DAUGHTER!!!! I don't get to see her for 18 months and I didnt want any pics. It's not right! My kids need memories with me in them! Im nervous as all get out to do it BUT excited for the help and new lease on life
  2. tdl0975
    Good luck and congrats on your decision. We all make this decision for many different reasons but all the same. We are unhappy with ourselves!! i too HATE taking pictures and must approve all pics taken of me before they are anywhere close to being seen by anyone!! I would so desperiately like to take family pics again. The last one I took my daughter was 3 mo old. She is now 10 and my 8 yr old has never been in a prof family pic with me. So looking forward to my surgery!! August 13, here I come!!!
  3. Ladyinwaiting
    Congrats on your decision. It is a rollar coaster ride for sure. I commented yesterday that my children, 31-30 & 28 have never seen me skinny. The funny thing is that is how I looked at myself until my granddaughter asked me how come I was so big.. sign.. Out of mouths of babes. She wasn't being mean, just honest. Good luck
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