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  1. Charlie47
    I am 48 and live in a empty nest house. Married for 28 yrs, hubby retired from Navy 13 yrs ago & his job now takes him away from home. My two kids are both getting married over the next 9 months and I am determined not to have to buy
    a size 20 something dress for the weddings
    I been sleeved for 5 days now
  2. jodib
    Welcome! I'm also new here, and will schedule my surgery later this week (will hopefully be in September).
  3. drisner
    Welcome! You will find this a very rewarding experience as long as you keep with the program.

    Just a couple of quick tips:

    - Make sure you start walking as soon as you can and try to work your way up to at least an hour of walking (or other exercise) a day as quickly as you are comfortable with it. You will get your energy back and lose weight more quickly by doing this.

    - Make sure you are recording what you eat to make sure your calories don't get too high and that your protein is high enough. Do not adjust your calories based upon your exercise. That is, if you're supposed to be eating 400-600 calories a day, don't go above 600 calories no matter how much you exercise. Most of the programs and web sites out there will add to the calories you're allowed to have based upon your exercise. You should not follow these.
  4. luke
    Welcome and good luck with your surgery! (You too Jodib!)
  5. MissouriJen
    Welcome!! Congratulations! And you WON'T be buying a size 20 or more dress, promise. It's so awesome! Can't wait to hear your progress reports!
  6. Rose69
    Welcome Charlie47 and jobid!
    Charlie47 by the time September rolls around you will be at least 40 pounds down.When you are able to start on solids limit your carb intake and exercise every day.

    jobid, Book your surgery and don't ever look back. It's the best decision I've ever made.

    Good luck to both of you
  7. Charlie47
    Thanks everyone.
    Jobid wow to be 40lbs lighter by September that would be totally awesome. I do not need to buy my first dress until end of Oct. for the first wedding in Nov.
    I should be a few sizes down by than
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