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Finally Ins gave approval

  1. joanaheter
    I am so excited today I heard from my Dr's office the ins gave the approval. Now I am waiting to hear back from the Dr office to schedule my surgery. I have been getting bummed lately, not hearing anything. I started my journey on Feb 15, 2013, I know it doesn't sound like a long time, but for me it has seemed like a long time. I had to do 3 months of weight management, pych eval, upper and lower gi, blood work. I wish I could jump up and down, that is how much excitment I have in me right now. I don't have many people to talk to right now. I am trying to keep it hush until I have to say anything, especially at work. Thank you all for listening...

  2. Lalaangeleyes
    Congrats on your approval! Your journey is in process and that is something to shout about.
  3. kaygee
    Do the happy dance!! That's wonderful!!!
  4. spiffininny
    That's Wonderful News.I got a call from the Surgeons Office and I have been approved for the Surgery,but I have a Limited Insurance Plan thatt pay's for Nothing..So I have to pay completely out of Pocket..I don't have the Money..I really need this Sleeve Surgery..My Knees hurt all the time.I had surgery on Both knees last year with no relief..I have an ACL Tear and a PCL Tear and Meniscus Tears in Both knees.The Doctor refuses to do Surgery he said I need Barriatric Surgery to get the weight off..I have been a size 20 for 31 years...I have tried every Diet out there on the Market with no results..I tried to get the surgery Financed but have Bad Credit Due to Prior Hospital Bills..and Medical Bills..I have no Credit Cards no car Payments but can't get a loan..I am getting a little discouraged that I won't be able to have this surgery because I can't get a loan..If anyone knows someone who would do a personal Loan for me I can afford 200.00 Dollar a month payment..Every time I walk my knees are Tearing..causing more Pain..Can anyone Help Me.??????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????
  5. bejeweled
    @spiffininny Here's a question - you said that you are covered by a limited insurance plan that doesn't cover this surgery. Is there any way that you can get switched to Medicare/Medicaid? I know that those govt insurance plans do cover bariatric surgery.
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