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  1. msloi71
    Can anyone who had United Health tell me how long it took to be approved???::can you call and check on the process?confused: I am so not use to waiting like this...
  2. chicaa
    I'm not sure i have blue crop blus shield it took me 3 tries and a appeal .
  3. RhodaG
    It only took me two weeks to get approval once I completed all the pre-requisites.
  4. journee2me
    Everyone is diffrent my initial appt was sept 28 oct 3 I was ready to set a date for my surgerythey wanted oct 31 but I opt for my dad bday nov 9... My people were wonderful and fast
  5. sosoul2
    I have United Healthcare and once I got all of my pertinent information in such as my five year weight I was good I actually went in and changed my decision several times and it was less than a week...
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