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Alert !!! Free bariatric samples mailed to you !!! For real !!!

  1. Zeekecavaricci
    HEY MEMBERS AND VISITORS TO MY GROUP. I FOUND A COMPANY THAT SPECIALIZES IN BARIATRIC NUTRITION AND PRODUCTS. I TALKED TO THEM TODAY AND THEY GAVE ME PERMISSON TO GIVE YOU THE LINK. It is www.BariatricChoice.com You can register and use the REFERRAL CODE OF: 7308378 Then click on the live chat and request all available samples and they will live chat with you and get your address information and send you free nutrition, products along with a mailed catalog. Since I have had bariatric surgery 6 years ago and successful and also being an R.N., I get questions every day from members and visitors finding it hard to get the items they need that are acceptable and "legal" for Sleevers. Let me know how you like them. Good Luck, Dennis
  2. 1happyloser2b
    Thanks Dennis, GLAD YOU ARE BACK!!! This is right on time my day is fast approaching 4/18/13 !!! I will be trying out some samples!!!
  3. chaciek83
    I ordered from them 3 weeks ago and asked for extra samples of Nectar products.. They shipped fast and sent me lots of goodies.. I ordered my on the go packets and my multivitamins from them to stock up for my surgery 4/8/13.. Love them..I have already placed another order for my protein..
  4. amelia
    this guy just told me that a free packet contains 1 shake, 1pudding and 1 chicken boullion.... WTH?? is this what you were talking about?
  5. Zeekecavaricci
    Wow !!!! Free is free. They also have free recipes. They also have food sources that are not available to many, many bariatric members. Not everyone lives in a large city. Many people have to rely on outside sources to get any bariatric products. The free samples also give you the chance to try something out before you buy. My experience is that after you receive samples and then buy products, you can always go back and ask for new samples and they are usually kind enough to send free samples of specific items you would like to try. :-)
  6. Gibsongirl
    Thank you so much I got 3 items shake pudding and soup...your the best!!
  7. pianomom
    I love their protein bars, the Irish Cream Hot Chocolate, Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows, the Chocolate Chip Biscotti, Protein Chips. Very good products to add some variety to our diet. Also easy to carry with you if you are going to be out past meal time.
  8. Suuzinoc
    Thank you for this. I just contacted them and they are sending me some samples
  9. Veroplas21
    Thanks, I too have registered and awaiting some samples.
  10. lovinglife420
    thank you very much, I just ordered my free samples I need to try other things so I do not do bad and I can be a success
  11. Zorgdorg
    Thank you so much ! I registered and gave them your referral code.
  12. Mellym
    Thank you! I too just ordered some samples!
  13. 2bme
    Yes, thanks. I also ordered samples.
  14. raphaelsmuse
    Just ordered the free samples - thanks!! Buying samples can really add up, so free ones are always, always appreciated.
  15. tbrown9
    Thank you so much for that information! I am self pay so this truly helps! I ordered mine today and should be receiving my sample packet shortly.
  16. CaymanKarma
    Ordered and being shipped! I ave no idea whats in the box as we dealt via email so it will be like a gift!! Yay! Thanks for sharing.
  17. ToyaReady4Change
    This is awesome... Thanks
  18. Mikamom
    Thank you!!! Just ordered my samples and I got a 20.00 shopping credit YAY!
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