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How did the liquid diet pre surgery go?

  1. proudmommi
    I am on day 3 of my liquid diet, and I am struggling! my husband and kids are enjoying eating in front of me, and I have the worst headache. Some people have eaten small meal at night, a potato with fat free sour cream, and other foods, but I just talked to my nutritionist, and she said no food!!!!

    What have been your experiences pre-op with the diet? I am concerned with not being able to shrink my liver. What did your diets consist of? did you cheat?
  2. Truebody
    Mate - don't cheat. The pre-op diet is the worst part and you are perfectly entitled to feel yukky. Follow the diet and you WILL shink your liver. It is designed to do that - but your liver will not shrink as well in preparation for your op if you cheat. And the foods that are the worst are carbs - it's not fat that gives you a fatty liver. Google it - it's amazing science.
    The first 3 days are the worst - but you have to get used to people eating in front of you. If you go ahead with the op - this is your life for a good 6 months and beyond. You will be unable to eat like everyone else. A nice big juicy bite will be a thing of the past. Might as well start now.
    Take yourself out of the room - distract yourself, get some good habits in place now to help you post-op.
  3. Leanng
    I agree, don't cheat. Stay with the liquids. One thing that got me through was to buy several different soups and to strain the liquid off and drink it. The first few days I got so that I couldn't stand the shakes, or even the taste of vanilla. The soups for a few days got me though until I could do both sweet again, then combined with the savory got me through the two weeks. Hang in there, it is worth it. You can make it!!!!!
  4. LadyAngela
    Hi, and congrats on your surgery approval and like all the others say the Pre Op diets can just be awful and a struggle but you will get through it, when I was banded in 2011, my surgeon had me on 2 week liver shrinking and 1 week liquid diet so that wasn't to bad, BUT post op she had me on liquids for 4 weeks I was so pissed, but I followed doctors orders, I lost massive muscle mass, now I'm on my pre op diet I started this past Monday for my revision to sleeve surgery on July 12th I'm on a all protein meats no fried food, no carbs, all vegetables and fruits but day before surgery I do all liquids, however it depends on your surgeon. And your health and bmi, I suppose because I had to question why and was told I'm not high risk and he is generous to his patients and this is not his rodeo, I said alright then, she assured this is how he do it and other than the obvious surgery pain I want think he actually did surgery. He has great reviews and previous patients say the same. So hang in the lady its all for the good. Best wishes.
  5. AnnieT
    You can do this. Remember this if for a wonderful cause--to ultimately benefit you!!! At some point I promise you will feel like "this is only for a few more days. i will make it!'
  6. Namaste
    Hi Proudmommy:
    The pre-op was the worst. And believe me when I tell you the first 3 days are absolute misery. I bought chicken bouillion, beef bouillion, sugar free jello, sugar free popsicles & Atkins protein (chocolate) shakes. For the first 2 days I gagged trying to get the shakes down, I really didn't think I could do it. The bouillion was like drinking salt water but at least it felt like a meal...something warm. But, lo & behold, day 3 was not as bad. My husband too ate in front of me...I would leave the room & go on the computer, but the smells of his cooking were torture - but hey, the guy's gotta eat. I would've jumped through the drive up window when I took a ride with hubby & he ordered some burgers. I was miserable. However, this too shall pass. I actually looked forward to the Atkins shakes. The bouillion always tasted too salty, so I really relied on the s/f jello. You actually use a spoon & it feels almost like eating. My surgeon told my husband that I did a great job shrinking my liver. And that's what you have to focus on. A smaller liver gives the surgeon more room in a tight space to work in. A smaller liver helps ensure that the surgeon doesn't "nick" anything. So that's what I focused on - being in the best shape for surgery. I'm 62 so I really wanted to be careful. Tomorrow I will be one week out from surgery & I thank God that he gave me the strength to hang in there for pre-op. I actually opted to start one week early (that's how frightened I was that I'd have a fat liver). Anyway, the last 2 days pre-op I was only allowed clear liquids - by that time I was accustomed to not eating. How happy I was when my surgeon said I did a fantastic job shrinking my liver. (I lost 22 lbs on the pre-op), Hang in there girl, the happiness of a burger or any other kind of food is temporary - but our new life is forever. Best wishes & check in now & again if you need some more support. Hugs, Roberta
  7. anncharlie
    I was not allowed any food either... but I was allowed diet pudding, or jello, or boullion... I used the diet pudding in my food processor to make a sort of ice cream.... put layer of crushed ice, 1/3 box of pudding... your shake mixture... and whip it up... I made chocolate/coconut flavor... with choc. pudding .. choc protein shake powder, and a tsp. of coconut extract.... also my fav was pistachio pudidng with vanilla protein mix.. yum... it will fill you up and you eat it with a spoon.... try it... you'll like it...
  8. LagunaLucy
    don't' cheat!! someone posted somewhere on this website they cheated 3 times and her surgery was nearly cancelled as her liver was too swollen! don't do it if this means anything to you!
  9. jerri2913
    We all had to go through this and you can too! It is only for a few days. Mind over matter.
  10. proudmommi
    Thanks everyone! When I crave again I will look to all your encouragement!!!
  11. joanaheter
    I am on day one of my preop diet...I am also having a hard time right now...I am hoping it will get easier after the third day..two weeks a long time...
  12. KebfromCincy
    As much as I need to read all this, I hate it. I am not looking forward to the pre-op diet at all. My Dr allows one cup of salad with fat-free dressing on it at night along with all the liquids. Salad is the worst for me. I might as well resign myself to two weeks of never-ending diarrhea before surgery. But it is also liquids for a month post-op so who knows. I will take the shrunken liver and weight loss pre-op. I just hope I can do this without knawing on one of my husband's belts or snatching a piece of his cube steak from him.
  13. Hev
    Listen WHATEVER YOU DO ...."DO NOT CHEAT!" When you are on that operating table you want to know you did the best for yourself! Cheating should not be an option for you
    The preop diet is there for a valid reason and is to shrink your liver and make it easy for your surgeon to handle! I have 14 days of protein drink diet I am on day 10 it's ok stick to what you have been told to do and do it.. Some only have a week protein preop but I don't. It's just how it is. But this is my regime. It is only 14 days out of my whole life!
    Really you have to stick to it... Be strong... If I can do it so can you! Also if your liver is not shrunk enough they can decide not to go ahead with the procedure ..you wouldn't want that would you? You have to have will power.. You are still going to have to have will power after the operation as this is only a tool.. Good luck and stay strong Hev
  14. Ms. S
    Ms. S
    I begin my 14 day pre-op diet: breakfast-1 protein drink; lunch- 1 protein drink; dinner-salad w/protein & sm. amount of low-fat or fat-free dressing; evening snack- 1 protein drink ( if needed).
    It is helpful reading these posts as it gives me an idea of what to expect and also encouragement to stay on it.
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