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Parting is such Sweet Sorrow....

  1. skinny2be
    So here I am first day of the 3 day liquid diet. Surgery is on the 22nd of May. I am currently at 211 (lost 7 so far on pre op) hoping to never see this again and hoping to lose even more before I get there. Alot of mixed emotions during this time and weight... I am looking forward to seeing "one-derland" Good luck to everyone!!!
  2. abcd1234
    3 days sounds wonderful! My liquid diet is 15 days. I'm on day 2. It's a little rough. Day one was the worst. Today I seem to have a better outlook. Good luck and can't wait to hear how you're doing!
  3. smcd23
    Good luck! I'm 10 days away from surgery they don't have me on a liquid diet I have lost 30lbs for pre-op getting nervous it's a strange but exciting feeling
  4. skinny2be
    Total diet length was 14 days. first 12 days was protein drinks for breakfast and lunch , then for dinner a small salad with a protein. last 3 days of it are the nothing but clear liquid part. Broth,jello,water, clear juice....
  5. MiMiCeeBee
    I was sleeved (and debanded) March 27. My heaviest weight pre-op was 222. I am now 188. I had a 4 day pre-op liquid diet. My weight loss has been stuck at 188-190 for a week now. I hope more comes off soon. Still not much appetite or room for food. Good luck to you.
  6. AnnieT
    best wishes for much continued success. The next three days will pass quickly and there are more good things to come.
  7. kcbird
    My preop diet consisted of 14 days of three protein shakes a day combined with clear liquid....broth, jello, water! I lost 17 pounds during that diet. And amazing to myself....I never cheated! I am 6-1/2 mouths post surgery and have lost a total of 88 pounds! I am seven pounds away from being under 100 pounds for the first time since I was in my 20's. You will have an amazing journey. Good luck with the diet, the surgery, and the rest of your life!!
  8. skinny2be
    Ok quick update. 3 day clear is going well and I'm down to 209!!!!!!! HELL Yeah!!!! Wednesday is almost here!!!!
  9. vickybeads
    MiMiCeeBee - try upping your water/protein intake, it should knock you off the stall. Your body is adjusting...
  10. skinny2be
    Sleeved!!!!!! 208 now!!! One derland here I come!!!!!!
  11. skinny2be
    Ok pretty exciting now to hop on the scale!!! I am at 194!!!! I can't believe it!!!!
    Good luck to all!!
  12. Edge07
    Ok skinny so how is everything going? You've hit "Onederland" but how do you feel? Good luck and keep us posted
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