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New to site and group!

  1. TattoosnDaisies
    Hi y'all!

    I'm Amber. I recently joined this site looking for support and info from other sleevers. I'm going to Mexico to have it done due to a lack of medical insurance. I'm looking to have my surgery done in mid-July.

    Currently, I am 339 (ugh, I hate that number). I've been holding at that for about 2 months now. My heaviest was a couple years ago when I tipped the scale at 351. I went on this crazy diet called The Rice Diet. It is insane. But I lost like 30 lbs in a month! But it is not something anyone can really do all the time. And so the weight came back (shocker). I've been doing a low carb diet for a few months now and DDP Yoga daily. Guess that's why I am holding with the weight loss of a whopping 6.5 lbs.

    I also have PCOS and have had multiple miscarriages in the last 6 years. We still have no kids after being married for almost 10 years, and it is heartbreaking. I feel like a failure as a woman and a wife because I can't give him what a "good wife" is supposed to do: provide him with a family. I know it sounds so old fashioned but it's how I feel.

    Anyways. Just wanted to say hi!
  2. MarshaD
    Hi Amber, I have been ttc for the last two years and finally got preggo earlier this year and lost it due to miscarriage. I also suffer from pcos and was a huge factor in getting the surgery. Had my surgery on 5\3 and got my period on 5/19. You have made a great decision and we support you.
  3. TattoosnDaisies
    So sorry to hear about the miscarriage. But yay on getting your period! I cannot wait for my surgery.
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