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Anyone else fantasizing about being out of the 200s or

  1. Dee Leshuz
    Dee Leshuz
    ...at least @ 200? Since I've lost weight pre op (I will be sleeved next month and am still trying to lose as my surgeon wants me @ 230.) from 255 to where I am now, I can't help but wonder how long it will be until I get to 200 or under it. 200 will be my first major goal even though it's really second to getting from 255 to 230. There's a big psychological difference to me and I'm sure to everyone else getting out from under these numbers, which are different for everyone. What's your first (or second, third, etc.) goal?
  2. kelleyk25
    OMG! I am still so completely obsessed with the scale!!! I can't WAIT to be under 200 and enter "Onederland"!!! I can't remember the last time I was under 200 pounds!!!

    For some reason I thought you had your surgery around the same time as me ... GOOD LUCK on your surgery next month
  3. scbbell
    I know I am obsessed with getting out of the 200s. I had to take my scale out of the bathroom and put it in the closet, lol. I will only bring it out on Tuesday morning. I think I will scream the day I pass 199.
  4. Dee Leshuz
    Dee Leshuz
    It's funny, where you are depends on where you want to go next! If I could just get these 33 lbs. off and get TO 200 I'd be happy. For a minute But under 233 would be good any day now...

    Kelley, I'm sure it seems like that b/c I've been around that long and when I first joined I asked lots and lots of questions and was so thrilled when you were sleeved! My goodness, you've lost SO MUCH weight! 222 from 286? Damn! I'm jealous! It will probably come off very slowly for me, but I'm prepared for that. I just want to be sleeved and fast forward to the losing weight and healed part
  5. N2DVN
    I cannot wait to be back down to 260! Though, 200 was be sweet! Last year was rough on me. I had walking pneumonia for 3 1/2 months. The doc ended up having to put me on Prednisone and I gained 25 pounds in one month and half after taking that nasty stuff. It has been a battle trying to lose that 25 pounds and I have not made any progress, other than not gaining more, especially after the second round of it for a sever sinus infection in October.
  6. Lulubelle
    Hi all, I never thought I would cross into the 00lb range. I can't wait for my surgery next week
  7. TXMOM
    At 200 lbs, I should be able to wear a size 18 or maybe 16. Depends on How tight I want those pants! Anyway, I am 237 now, and 225 is my next goal.
    I will be so excited to be there!! I have lots of cute clothes already for that weight. The real excitement for me would be about 190. I haven't been there in over ten years. (Lowest weight was 195 about 8 years ago.) Now that would really be something.
  8. madisi
    I'm only 2 pounds away from being in the 200s! It's been 20 years since I've seen that mark! Almost two months out and half way to goal.
  9. jazziejasmine
    I am scheduled to have my surgery February 24th and am currently 258 pounds. I look forward to my first goal of 200 pounds, then to just be under that as it has been over 20 years since I've been that weight. I'm not obsessing over a number to get down to, at this point I want to be healthy and feel good and if that is at 180 or 150 I'm good with that. It has never been about the numbers, it's about feeling good being in my own skin and being proud of who I am. I'm really looking forward most to working hard on my self-esteem and loving me first.
  10. guacanagary
    ok i just wish everyone good luck my sergery is on March 18 i am inUSA now but i live in the Dominican Republic i am very crazy about loosing, I am shooping for my new size (hope i loose 50)... well good luck .
  11. madisi
    It as almost been 3 months since my surgery and I am down about 50 pounds. I haven't been in the 100s for 20 years!! Yea!!
  12. happy2sleeve
    i cant wait to get out of the 200s. i think imma have a party when i get down to the 190s.
  13. Stacey1216
    I weighted 249 the morning of surgery and 2 weeks and 2 days out I am at 230. I keep reminding myself, I was in the "250's" as my highest weight (which prompted me to want to get this surgery) and then I was in the "240's" just weeks ago and now I am about to leave the "230s" any day now. I was NEVER able to do this on my own. I cannot wait to get to "Onederland" and do the same countdown there. I want to lose 100 lbs total.
  14. Melody
    Being under 200 is a huge... goal for me..it has been so long since I have been under that....my mini goals is to get below a certain wt range...below 260...below 250...below 240, and so on...I have reached below 260 now, on my way to the next level....
  15. cinniwalk
    I cant wait to do the Onederland happt dance...... its a huge goal for me also! I think after that goal for me it should b a breeze.... just getting there! Im still 18 days til my surgery and counting down the days..... i wish it were today and get this show on the road! Cant wait! Good luck and best wishes to everyone on thier journey! Any tips for me during this waiting period?
  16. Dee Leshuz
    Dee Leshuz
    224 this morning, but I'm not putting it on my ticker lest it be fickle!

    Welcome, cinni, and welcome to a place where the 200s will soon be just a memory! There is something about the number 200+ lbs, esp. 250...that seems remarkably unfeminine, undoubtedly placed their by the media, but I grew up thinking that that was where you ceased to be feminine and pretty.

    Of course I was born in the dark ages and amazing things have happened over the recent decades...plus size clothes and selection are greater, there are AMAZING plus size models that have emerged (one so hot that apparently she had to be banned from TV, anyone remember that from a few years ago?) that put the idea of being fat=ugly to shame.
  17. Dee Leshuz
    Dee Leshuz
    Unfortunately, 250 does not feel/look good on me, blame my height and my bone structure, but I worship those plus size beauties that it does. And there are women even larger that look hot, I'm just not one of them so I want to hustle out of 224 land as fast as possible. Not that it will make me hot but it will put me into feeling less joint pain, able to feel/walk better, and into a more "normal" size for me, around 175. Anything after that is gravy.
  18. Dee Leshuz
    Dee Leshuz
    Damn, people, I guess I broke the thread w/ my multiple posts! Anyway, my weight is at 224 now. Started at 255. I get sleeved next Wednesday. I hope the first 25 lbs. come off fast, cuz that will take me under 200! To be honest, I really hope the first 50 goes fast b/c my body feels a lot different at that weight and I can move around a lot easier w/out as much pain...but my metabolism is slow and I don't want to be greedy, I'm lucky enough to be getting the sleeve.

    Anyone have other goals/thoughts to report? Where are you in 200 land?
  19. cinniwalk
    Good luck on ur surgery next week.....i have mine on Tues the 20 th...come on already....is what i say! I wanna get this show on the road! Now!! Hehe
  20. cinniwalk
    And i have about 75 to b under 200....... go,fight,win!!! Lol just trying to b each others cheer leaders! Lord knows i need one! I feel super blessed to b taking this journey w my bff....we r traveling to MX and getting sleeved together! So we can cry on each others shoulder or slap the other one back on track!
  21. lindsaywalker76
    I have been in the 200's since I was 11 years old so I don't have a clue what it's like to be in Onederland but I am so excited for it! My surgery is April 25th and I am counting down. I am 289lbs so I will have a lot to lose before I get under the 200's but I know I will eventually
  22. workinprogress1962
    I started at 273 got my sleeve nov 30 2011 right now at 214,,,keep thinking 14 more to go to get to first goal!
  23. workinprogress1962
    I am just a few pounds to that 200 pound mark! When i get there i have decided on a brand new outfit as a reward! I cant wait!
  24. Dee Leshuz
    Dee Leshuz
    Good luck, you'll do fine. I just had mine on the 14th. Down to 221 from 228. Okay, 21 lbs., get gone!
  25. dweber04
    I am currently at 245. I am scheduled for my sleeve on April 11--- I cannot wait! My first goal is to get to 199. That will be amazing! Then....I want to be 175. Finally, my last goal is to be a HEALTHY 150. Good luck to everyone!
  26. Dee Leshuz
    Dee Leshuz
    Yes, good luck to everyone. I've been sleeved 2 weeks and am now down to 216! I started at 255, lost 27 lbs. pre-op and was 228 on the day of surgery, although I fluctuated between 226 and that.

    Where/How is everybody else?
  27. apenjas
    I had my first son when i was 18 and ever since then.. i have not been below 200lbs! its time to loose this weight!!
  28. dpastrychef
    I have not seen 200 in over 10 yrs. I would get to 208 and then stop. After next week, I'll be well on my way
  29. Dee Leshuz
    Dee Leshuz
    Congrats! I am SO ready to kick 208 to the curb and get rid of 200 altogether! I'm not a fast loser, though, so it is what it is and I'm grateful to be sleeved and the scale is going down, period.
  30. SaguaroSanctuary
    Hi All, I'm 201.52 as of today and should reach 199 within the next week - my daughters wedding day! I bought a dress for the wedding - it's been 18yrs since I've worn a dress, so that was a big milestone for me. All the best to everyone here, it might be a long journey, but it is all so worth it is't it? Sharon - from Tamborine Mountain, Qld Australia
  31. Coleen
    Very much looking forward to onederland. Think it will be a few more months though
  32. Dee Leshuz
    Dee Leshuz
    As of today...Onederland! Yeehaw!
  33. bxtiff112
    I haven't been under 200lbs since 2008, I weighed in today at 233 and I just started my 6months of weight maintenance maybe I can get to at least 215 by my 3 month mark. I dont get sleeved until Feb 2013
  34. raw_foodie
    I have not been under 200# since I was 18 years old, wow that is 20 years ago. I am looking forward to seeing a 1 at the beginning of my weight. only 49 pounds to go and I will be at 199#. I am so excited. By January 2013 I will be there... or maybe sooner.
  35. Kodakmom
    I am sure most of you in this group have reached your goal weights by now....I just found your group and am so looking forward to being under 200. I get on the scale every morning. I am 27 pounds away! I am one of the slow losers, but I'm ok with it. I know that as long as I follow the plan and keep positive the weight is going to come off. Everyday is an adventure. My PA set a goal of 2 months for me to reach 199# but I hope to get there sooner. I'm going to give myself a dance party when I get there.
  36. Princefan68
    I am definitely fantasizing about being under 200 lbs. I am now 265 lbs. and HATE how I look and especially how I feel. I am so depressed about it and would eat to be comforted. I have to change my lifestyle so that I can live a long healthy life. I am in the pre-surgery category. They want me to lose about 13 lbs in order to have my surgery. I am glad this forum is here because I now know that I am not alone. Thank you everyone for being here and supporting one another through our journey of fat beautiful people to thinner more healthier gorgeous people!
  37. awasser
    i remember the day i hit 200# when i was gaining weight.... totally killed me got up to 260. 6 years ago i hit that damned 200 mark .... now to be under that is my goal now but my dr thinks 150 wow i hope so!!!!!!!
  38. awasser
    i remember the day i hit 200# when i was gaining weight.... totally killed me got up to 260. 6 years ago i hit that damned 200 mark .... now to be under that is my goal now but my dr thinks 150 wow i hope so!!!!!!!
  39. NancyN
    Funny how the attitude changes depending on which way the scale is headed! All those numbers look so much better on the way down. The clothes sizes are a meaningless joke, the standards have changed so much over the years, but the scale still tells it like it is. When I got married 30 years ago, I wore a size 7 dress, I weighed 110 pounds, and really thought if I ever weighed more than 125, I'd just kill myself. Now, 200 is looking pretty good!
  40. jlbamagirl68
    It has been so long since I was under 200. I can't wait to reach that point!!! But I know it's not going to be easy.
  41. niamh
    I've been teetering around 201 for the past four days. A lesson in patience if ever there was one.
  42. Dee Leshuz
    Dee Leshuz
    You'll get there, I promise.
  43. niamh
    Damn you Dee, are you *always* right about everything? I tell you what, I'd have been pissed off if I didn't get below 200 - that would be some big money down the drain!
  44. katesnana
    To is my first appt to get started. Already paid for it though. Dr said I should be be sleeved within 2 wks. So excited. Dream abt being under 200 all the time. I'm at 260 now. So nice to have a group to share the joy with!
  45. DebbieNTexas
    Oh wow, I am soooo wanting to be out of the 200's!! I was looking at all of my WW's books and they go back to 1986, but I actually went down under 200 briefly from July to November of 1994. <sigh> But I also was in the low 200's back in 1988, then up and down, up and down. Talk about depressing to look through those books, but easy to show I've tried losing on my own many times. Not counting the numerous times I've tried with other ways. I'll be starting around 260 too.
  46. dreamsleever
    Hoping to get there and never have to see the 200's again.
  47. Snglemom
    I have finally hit "Kneeland".... As of a couple days ago, I was at 196 !!!!!!!
  48. DebbieNTexas
    Woo Hoo Singlemom!!
  49. amykarryn
    I was under 200 for a brief period of time. Losing weight was never the hard part for me, it was maintaining the weight loss. I have been up and down many times. I think having the sleeve is going to be great because it will always be the thing that keeps me on track. No excuses. I even enjoy going to the gym now, which is crazy since i used to avoid it like the plague...i think the gym is going to be a huge part of my transformation....maybe once my weight loss slows i'll invest in a personal trainer, but for now i'm doing water aerobics, weights, and cardio 3 to 4 times per week. I also wanted to get a little bit more fit before my surgery on Jan. 7th, hopefully it will help me heal faster. Good luck to everyone, hopefully in six months time we'll all be posting how skinny we have gotten!!!
  50. Scoobie61
    Post Op I'm 224 highest was 230 need to drop another 10 before they will schedule me for surgery. Very scared/nervous about the surgery, is right for me. I truley believe it is as I've struggled for the past 10 years with losing or better yet not losing the weight. Don't have much of a support system so feel free to share any positive thougths. Thanks much~
  51. mamapassy
    Haven't been below 200 in over 20 years, never below 175 in my adult life. Don't have a surgery date yet but am getting excited to start the journey. Good luck to all that are near surgery date!
  52. JennHug
    I think about it all day every day.
  53. brittamichaela
    I just hit the one- derland a few days ago and it felt great i hadnt seen that in a while ... now just to keep moving down and down on that scale ... feels good!
  54. Raven01
    Me! I haven't been under 200lbs since '97. Wow... that was a long time ago, smh. At 260lbs I feel horrilbe. My left hip and knee joints are acting up, my lower back and bunions are too. Yes... I said it... bunions, lol. Skinny me..! I WILL see you again!!
  55. lundbergmn
    just had my dietary consult by phone. when I started this process I was almost 280lbs. hoping to get sleeved late summer
  56. Kitreena
    Gah I cannot wait to be out of the 200s!! I will be taking pictures of the scale saying 199! LOL
  57. soleil
    I was happy to get to under 250! LOL I'll be beyond thrilled when I'm down to 200 or less. Just got my surgery date of June 4. Can't wait!
  58. ChrissyD
    I am 22 lbs away and can't even remeber when I was in the 100's I stopped weighing myself in High School. I have lost 62 lbs and I feel great I feel sexy for the 1st time in a long time. I am blessed to have a husband that has always been head over heals in love with me but now he just watches me doing dishes and tell me how great I look!!! and that makes me feel great! I think he has a totally new wife I feel awesome.. I am not sure what I am going to do when I losr another 40 lbs to be 100 less with be a dream come true for sure.
  59. carolann35
    My surgery was 10/26/12. I was close to 280# then, but today at 218#. Can't wait to hit the under 200 mark!
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