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Count down

  1. Siddeeqah
    Well hey every one its countdown for me...YAY....my date is May 10th I have started documenting via youtube...
    I am so excited for you! I am now 11 months out and down 104 pounds and I am very, very happy! I haven't weight 135 since I was in college. The journey is interesting because you get to see the changes that your body goes through and you get to experience eating very small amounts of food and you're satisfied! I pray for a speedy recovery for you and pray that you will have the same results as I have! It is truly a blessing to be able to claim your life!
  3. 619Diva
    Congratulations on your date & I Pray you have a speedy & successful recovery :-)
  4. beingbetter2013
    Congrats...time will fly and May 10 will come very fast.... Go easy on yourself...it's an adjustment. Your brain has to catch up with what your body is going thur! But u can do it......I'm just going on 3 mos out....still working!
  5. 1hotdiva
    Congrats!!!! Welcome to a new life!!!
  6. 1hotdiva
    @ beingbetter2013. My brain has not still caught up and I am 8 mos out...
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