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Can I drink the water in Tijuana?

  1. VioletCrumble
    I'm scheduled for surgery on May 6th and am wondering if there's going to be any problem with the water in Tijuana? So many people have warned me about it from sipping water to showering with my mouth closed & brushing teeth with bottled water! Please tell me if any of this is necessary. Thanks!
  2. dbarnes7
    AS for drinking the water, they will give you bottled water to drink, but showering and brushing your teeth, thats not a problem. You'll be staying in a very nice hotel and they wont take the chance of someone getting sick from their water.
  3. imtad
    Don't need to borrow problems...:-) They are very conscientious in Mexico about the water. You will be given filtered and bottled water. As for the shower and brushing your teeth ??? Well I did both while I was there and didn't have any problems. I just didn't swallow the toothpaste water or do a turkey in a down pour in the shower. Common sense should serve you well.
  4. bergamini
    I'm sure that the water is safe, but as dbarnes7 pointed out you will get bottled water. Dr. Garcia's nurses will also give you Gatorade after you pass your leak test and they will give you 4 bottles of Gatorade in your discharge kit to take with you to the hotel. The hotel has plenty of bottled water in your room and the gift shop as well.
  5. Phoenixrise
    Do not drink the water in Tijuana, drink bottled water.
  6. AngelNP
    Indeed, DO NOT DRINK ANY WATER in MEXICO. Montazuma's revenge. E-Coli! Anyway, yes, drink bottled water.
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