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How safe is it in tijuana at hospital Jerusalem

  1. Bebegrl4god
    I've had a lot of people telling me how dangerous it is in tijuana and Jerome by the border. How safe is it? I know your in the care of staff 24/7 but still
  2. StephF89
    I didn't feel scared at all at hospital Jerusalem or the hotel Ticuan. Granted, TJ is way different than they states. But I never felt fear.
  3. dbarnes7
    I was never uncomfortable. TJ is just like any big city in the US, you have nice parts and bad parts,they just seem to have more bad parts.
    You are in the company of someone at all times unless you want to go off on your own. I stayed in the hotel room pretty much of my whole time, taking advantage of being able to lay around and do nothing because I knew as soon as I got home I had to go back to work. A lot of people go shopping or to the beach, but I had no desire to do any of that.
  4. qjwestover
    I was not in fear. I had my sleeve done at Mi Hospital in TJ and the city is just like one here in the states.
  5. cherylbl
    It's very safe at the hospital and the hotel I was sleeved on 2/20/13 and when my drain was out I had my husband come across the border and get me it was a Friday night and we had no problems . just remember its a different country and don't travel without someone with you. My husband races in Mexico alot and has for 20 years and never had a problem. good luck
  6. imtad
    Mexico can be very dangerous. But, so can Los Angeles, Chicago, Salt Lake City ..... You would not want to walk around the streets by the hotel after dark thirty and I would only recommend you walk around town with a couple of other people. I have not heard of any stories about med patients being harassed or harmed. You are driven to your destinations via Jerusalem Hospital vans. The only time you would wonder around is once you are at the hotel. Two blocks away is a very touristy street called Revolution. Lots of people wandering around in the day time.
  7. Enfury8me
    Not dangerous at all. You will take a medical van across the border and nobody bothers them. I had my surgery with Dr. Quinones in TJ and never had a problem. I felt very safe the whole time!! Someone is telling you a story, possibly someone who has never been there?
  8. Dyanne4293
    I felt safe. My boyfriend and I stayed at Hotel Ticuan. I felt safe there too. It was in a nice part of town. We ventured out and shopped several times. It's not any worse than Los Angeles.
  9. Resop2662
    I am having my surgery at Jerusalem Hospital in May. My only questions are about pain levels during transportation? How far away is hotel Ticuan from the hospital?

    Thank you
  10. Bebegrl4god
    its about ten minutes from hospital to hotel. the ride didnt bother me much, just the nausea, which not everyone had.
  11. march192013
    got home two days ago from having surgery at Jerusalem Hospital. it was a great experience! I had little to no pain the entire time i was there. I admittedly had a better experience with the pain and nausia than some but I had a great room mate in the hospital that helped me get through the initial fear of moving around after surgery (wich is IMPORTANT) I went alone and I went out shopping and sight seeing alone. I had a great experience and would recomend it to anyone!
  12. Resop2662
    I am flying in from TN. Does anyone have any experience of flights after surgery? I am a little nervous about the seven hours of time between San Diego, and TN.
  13. BethJane
    Amanza's staff watch over you 24/7 so you will be safe
  14. BethJane
    My time to Seattle was pretty simple, but I had no layovers.
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