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My first less than 1,000 calorie day since early post-op liquid diet days!!!

  1. krissyfor
    Ya'll, I am beyond excited.....today was my first day that I met ALL of my goals. 90 grams of protein...done. 64oz of water.....I'll be there by the end of the night. Less than 50 carbs....I only ate 32 today. Less than 1,000 calories....I'm at 1054. Not too shabby!!! I'll post a link to my FitBit page so ya'll can see....here's hoping I break my stall with a couple more days like today. Is it difficult for ya'll to stick to your diets? Here's my FitBit page for today: Login
  2. krissyfor
    Login There's my FitBit log for today, when you click on it you can see all the foods I've eaten. With breakfast, lunch, dinner and my afternoon snack I'm sitting at 1011 calories. Not too shabby!
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