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7 Day Cruise April 6, 2014

  1. cpaliz1
    Hello fellow sleevers! Just wanted to let everyone know that a group of sleevers and myself are planning a 7 day cruise for April of 2014! Please feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook so that I can add you to the invite! After I accept your friend request, please private message me to let me know you found me on the forumn! Thank you!

  2. Risty
    maybe before then ill win the lotto and join you guys

    till then ill keep dreaming.

    Thanx for the post.
  3. Risty
    ops double posted!
  4. Jeanie
    Not on Facebook! How do I get the info?
  5. cpaliz1
    Hey friends! We now have a website! You can get additional information here! Loser's Bench Cruise Western Caribbean 2014
  6. cpaliz1
    Risty you can make payments all the way up until January 2014! This is a great way to pay on a cruise...to start it's only a $25 deposit per person! I think this is very doable!
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