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Hello all!

  1. azothjulie
    Just saying hello! I am 45, military wife of 16 yrs have 5 kids 22, 18, 16, 13, 12. Will be sleeved February 27th. Wanted to connect with others around my age with kids!
    Lots of temptations around me with the teenagers in the house but my husband and the kids are all supportive of what I am doing so that is a great help.
    Having the sleeve done to better my health, lose some weight so I can feel better not hurt from the arthritis they say I now have in my shoulder neck and back and also get rid of the Pre diabetes, High BP, Cholesterol and all the other fun things that happened to me since I got older! LOL
  2. anita dilly
    anita dilly
    Welcome. Congrats on your decision and a big thank you all for your service to our country.
  3. UNIT35
    Welcome aboard!!!!
  4. slapperuski
    Welcome to the forum!
  5. jknox65
    Welcome. This is a great site with tons of info. But if you need offline q & a james@kbscs.com
  6. Losingit
    Welcome. I am 49 and a military wife for 28 years. I have 2 grown kids 26 & 24 and was sleeved on 10 Sep 12.
  7. Buggso
    Hi!! I'm a AF military spouse, with at 19 and 22 year old. My sleeve was 9/4, down 82 lbs. Best decision I ever made. Good luck!
  8. naturallycurious42
    Congratulations on your decision to " get sleeved'! My sleeve date is March 11th, 2013. I'm 46 (not a military wife) but still a wife. My children's ages are 25, 18, 7 and 9. I can't wait
  9. Michellelynn1236
    Welcome, I was sleeved on the 17th of September and have had no complications at all, it has been a great expereince for me! I have two boys ages 12 and 14 and they are both on the autism spectrum so I was worried it would slow me down but I have not had any issues! I just turned 41 on September 20th, 3 days after my sleeve,,,

    Any question feel free to message or whatever. The best thing I ever did for myself..
    Best of luck!
  10. wendiwin
    Welcome. I was sleeved Sept 18th and am so very happy that I did. So far so great! You will do great too!
  11. robin34
    Welcome! I am 47 years old with 2 kids (or 2 young men) ages 27 and 16. I was sleeved on June 29 and am down 94 lbs! I love this sleeve and the new life it has allowed me to have. Any questions, I am an open book!
  12. nikki_g
    Welcome aboard!! This is a great site.
  13. kenya
    Hello everyone I'm 42 and hopefully when I return to the doctor on March 15th ill get my surgery date!
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