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Is it Monday yet?!

  1. Raven01
    Monday I get a UGI, and go see my PCP to hand him the paper work and find out what he says. Is it Monday yet?! lol
  2. Wsprurname71
    Hi Raven, I wish it was Monday....My surgery would be done!!!!!
  3. Bumbles
    Good Luck! Take it easy - the time will come! Although you will feel fabulous after the surgery - it is a hard road!
  4. pam1966
    How was the UGI, I have mine tomorrow? I cannot wait for Monday either; I haven't told anyone outside of my immediate family and I am running out of excuses as to why I will not be available for a couple of weeks.
  5. annabel
    Pam 1966. I have not told anyone outside my immediate family that I had the surgery. I don't think it is any of their business and it will just give people something to talk about. I told the ladies at work I had surgery for a "pee problem". That I needed to have something done surgically to take care of my need to run to the bathroom every 5 minutes. Then I said I was eating such small amounts, etc. because while the surgeon was taking care of the "pee problem" she took a look around and found I had a hiatal hernia that needed to be repaired. No one ever questioned me on this. My surgery was on August 21 and I ha lost 70 lbs. by early December, then got stuck. This past week I have lost another couple of pounds, so I guess I am back on a roll. Good luck with your surgery.
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