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Question for those with insurance in states but getting surgery in Mexico

  1. txbluebonnet
    I have insurance but according to the policy they will only cover about $1500 towards WL surgery. After my aunt and a friend had the sleeve in TJ, I decided to do the same. My question is for those that have ins what did you do about getting treatment back in the states? Such as getting stitches removed, blood work, etc. Did you find a doctor that would treat you? Did you file to your ins on any follow up, or did you pay cash? Just having some doubts about how this will effect any ins claims I may have in the future.
  2. Texas Girl
    Texas Girl
    Well, I'm only 6 days post-op, but I haven't had any aftercare here in the states and don't think I will need any. The vast majority of surgeons no longer use stitches that need to be removed (mine uses glue), so there isn't really any reason to need to see a doc real soon after coming home. I will have annual blood work with my physicals, so that part will be taken care of as well.
  3. MauiMelissa
    My Kaiser doc n dietician will see me for regular follow up without issue. I am 5 days post op and will meet with them next week.
  4. laserskingirl
    Hey guys I have insurance that will cover sleeve surgery but have decided to go out of the United States to Mexico and will be sleeved in March in Tijuana by Dr. Garcia.
    Our insurance is brand-new from my husband's job he just started and it does cover the surgery but not until we have been on the insurance plan for at least two years and then from what I understand from people who have been trying to get surgery on this insurance it does take a long time and lots of hoops and I did not want to have to deal with all that.

    Luckily I work in medical for a doctor and can do my blood work basically whenever I need to and also through my primary care physician but I decided to go to Mexico to Dr. Garcia because of the reputation and there is so much information out on the Internet from reputable bariatric doctors to follow different plans it's all pretty much the same information So I can tailor the plans to fit my needs.
    I have found some amazing aftercare books online from doctors that outline in detail great eating plans nutrition plan vitamin plans what to do and what not to do ideas if anybody is interested because we're not on our own but we are little bit more on our own having gone out of the United States then we are if we had a local doctor from start to finish .
  5. Ms.lovely65
    My va doctor and dietician provides aftercare. I also have kaiser. Don't worry.
  6. Ms.lovely65
    I'm getting plastic surgery this Saturday in TJ.
  7. DragonsLoard
    I am 10 days post-op today and I talked with my PCP before having my surgery and she has agreed to do any follow up that I might need (i.e. blood work at 3 months ect). I also feel lucky that she has experience WLS patients.
  8. gabrielle48
    I went to my pcp for a check up and blood work. It was no problem at all
  9. txbluebonnet
    Thanks y'all for all the helpful info. Best wishes on y'all's journeys. Can't wait to hear more about how things are going.
  10. bergamini
    I told my PCP about the surgery and he is running my 3-month labs at my annual physical and is prepared to give me a surgical consult order if I have any complications needing one, but so far I haven't.
  11. Enfury8me
    My PCP took over after I came back from TJ. My insurance paid for the hole in my tummy that never healed.
  12. Olga1o1
    Laserskingirl, where did you find that additional post-op lifestyle material? I'm sure a lot of us can benefit from reading that.
  13. Texas Girl
    Texas Girl
    Hey everyone, as for post-op lifestyle material, I would highly recommend Dr Alvarez's book, Successful Weight Loss with the Gastric Sleeve. He wasn't my surgeon, but this is my "sleeve bible" that I got before surgery and am now using as a reference guide post-op.

    It's a really quick and easy read (got it for my Kindle and read it an afternoon, even with a 4-yr old vying for my attention!).
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