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Just wondering.....

  1. ChrissyD
    So I am pre opt at about 284 and now down to 278 I am having my Surgey on Jan 24th. I am a 34 year mother of 2 and wife to the best Hubby in the world. I also have PCOS (Poly cystic ovarian syndrome ) Do any of you other women have this? and if so how has it help with the issues involved?

    I am on day 2 of my pro-opt diet and so far so good.
  2. abcd1234
    I'm on my last step to get insurance approval so I can schedule. I've also been diagnosed with this but not on any meds. Interesting question!
  3. ChrissyD
    There is a group on here called PCOS and sleever lots of great info. Thank you ladies.
  4. bluiz77
    How did you lose the weight for pre-op? I also have PCOS and can NOT lose a pound? I DO A bootcamp 3-4 times a week and can lose 6 pounds but it always comes right back! I have not met with the surgeon yet so I have no idea how much I will have to lose pre-op but am definetly scared it wont come off.
  5. ChrissyD
    Well right now I am doing a Atkins Advantage protin shake for Breakfest and lunch and drinking lots of water. and for Dinner I am having a healthy no carb dinner. Like Baked Chicken with steamed veggies (green only) and last night the BEST dinner broiled Salmon about 5 shrimp broiled with it and steamed broccoli. so yummy tons of protein and very satisfying. I just statred my pro-opt this week but I have for the last month started replacing a meal here and there with a protein shake to not be such a shock to my system. and that has helped me. Good luck it will happen. Bootcamp 3-4 times a week I'm impressed I would past out on day 1 and I'm totally not joking!
  6. shaah
    Hello All!l I'm glad I logged in and read this. I just celebrated my 1 yr surgery anniversary and I feel and look wonderful. My wife is scheduled to have her surgery on Jan 21. She is not a happy camper about the pre op diet. She started this Wednesday and already lost 3 lbs. I know its not easy but in a few months you will see that this is the best choice you have ever made. Through the highs and the lows just work the tool that is this surgery and you will have a new lease on life. Good luck with the surgery and getting to your goal weight.
  7. bluiz77
    ChrissyD you would be amazed how addicting it is! When I started I couldn't even jump up on a curb with both feet! Sometimes I will go 2 times a day it is frustrating watching everyone else shrink. I have done this since last Feb and have only lost 6 pounds.
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