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Where are you traveling from???

  1. Phoenixrise
    I am from San Diego, California and I am literally 20-30mins away so it is more of a brief drive.
  2. OhSheila
    I'm from Oklahoma. I'm flying into San Diego the day before my surgery.
  3. slim2012
    I'll be driving in from Orange County, just a quick drive & I'll be on my way!
  4. cowgirldiva17
    Flying in from Las Vegas the morning of my surgery. Woo hoo!
  5. HealthyHeather
    I am from Oregon and will arrive the night before my surgery in San Diego. Can't wait!
  6. Tina2705
    Flying in from Kansas. I will fly in the night before my surgery.
  7. lesanncan
    I am from Washington and I fly in the night before my surgery.
    I am from Florida and I flew in the night before surgery.
  9. master142
    I am from Texas and drove. My surger was on August 2nd, we left Texas July 30, drove to Phoenix and then left Phoenix to San Diego the morning before surgery.
  10. ConnieDelacruz
    I am from Washington and I am still stuck on my decision with the right surgeon
  11. hope4me
    I will be flying in from Texas arriving into San Diego the day before surgery. Just wonder tho. I hear different ones talking about different surgons. I thought the same one does the surgeries. what am I missing?
  12. ninaricci46
    Traveling all the way from Australia!!
  13. Kardani9
    We will be driving in from Northeast Texas to El Paso, then crossing the boarder into Juarez. We flew in for my husband's surgery in April and are hoping this long car trip is easier than all the long lines and security check points, small airplane seats, turbulence etc...
  14. cpaliz1
    I'll be coming from Dallas, TX. Jan 2013!
  15. LivingLifeJohnson
    flying into San Diego from Detroit Michigan on Friday October 5th yay!!
  16. jammy
    Flying from Georgia!
  17. txbluebonnet
    I will be fly into San Diego, CA from San Antonio, TX the night before my surgery.
  18. bergamini
    I'm flying in from Madison, WI, the DAY of my surgery (get in at about 11:AM, having surgery later in the afternoon) and then I fly back 3 days later at 6:15 AM out of San Diego. I believe that structuring it this way ensures I have no complications, there simply isn't time for it. Or so I hope.
  19. gemini*eyes
    Orange County CA
  20. gemini*eyes
    Orange County CA
  21. JENGAR
    I will be coming from south Florida by plane way to far to drive
  22. skinnygirlla
    I am from Louisiana and still searching for the right facility and Dr.?
  23. JENGAR
    I will be flying in from south Florida, yay I'm so excited and nervous at the same time, looking forward to my new healthy way of life the confidence I will gain
  24. AngelNP
    Living in California, flying into San Diego to be taken to hotel in TJ, Mexico the day before my surgery.
  25. Lcardullo
    I'm flying in from south Florida. Can't wait!
  26. no more insecurities
    no more insecurities
    Hi!!! I am coming from my faraway homeland of San Diego. December, 17 . Dr . Ariel Ortiz.
    Who else wants to be a sleeve sister & join me... Please?!!
  27. Smitlien
    I will be flying all the way from South africa
  28. Texas Girl
    Texas Girl
    Most likely I'll be flying to San Diego from Austin, TX. There is still the off chance that I'll go with Dr Alvarez, in which case I'll only have to drive down to San Antonio.
  29. Nickijo
    I live in Oregon flying to San Diego, surgeon is Dr. Fernando Garcia.
  30. Sweet flower
    Sweet flower
    I will be coming from Ontario Canada
  31. cassandra
    I will fly from florida to San Diego CA.the day before my new life begin.
  32. Flutrby429@yahoo.com
    I live Southern Indiana. I will be flying to San Diego from Louisville, KY
  33. Caygurl
    Flying from Grand Cayman, British West Indies
  34. DragonsLoard
    I'll be flying from Miami to San Diego....
  35. amberbates21
    I will be flying in from Kansas city, missouri to San Diego!!! Cannot wait.
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