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  1. werlmc02
    When reaching your desired goal weight, how will you celebrate and commemorate that accomplishment?
    A vacation? Spa trip? Dangerous adventure, like sky diving?
  2. werlmc02
    I know when I reach my goal weight, I want to go shopping at Mall of America. I weekend of pure retail therapy.
  3. mommyducky
    I am definitely going shopping when I reach my goal. I've already started buying new clothes. Only 20lbs away from goal! I can't wait! I also plan on getting professional photos taken of my daughter and me. We have almost no photos together since I've always been camera shy (until now)!
  4. werlmc02
    That's such a neat idea. If I may suggest... get all dolled up, the pair of ya, and put on your favorite new outfit and have a blast taking photos! But I am sure that is your plan! Have fun!
  5. Boricua2012
    I plan for my husband and I to go take a trip somewhere tropical!! And of course SHOPPING!!! I have a long way to go and can't wait to get there
  6. lilricanliz
    I am planning on saving money starting NOW for a huge shopping trip. Hopefully to NY or a place I've never shopped before.
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