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Band to Sleeve Surgery w/ Dr. Garcia in Mexico on August 2

  1. master142
    Hi All,

    I am not new to bariatric surgery as I was first banded by Dr. Rod in Acuna Ciudad in July 2002. My band slipped and I was re-banded in July 2007 again in Mexico by Dr. Rod. Now 5 years later and not much luck w/ the band...weight wise as well as function, I have decided to get sleeved. My surgery is scheduled for Aug 2 (my birthday) in Tijuana w/ Dr. Garcia. The ONLY reason I am not going back to Dr. Rod is his location, Juarez Mexico.

    Not sure why I am beginning to freak out b/c I've done this twice before and in Mexico!

    I guess I'm just needing some encouragement. Thanks for listening.

  2. Phoenixrise
    You will be fine with the gastric sleeve. At least you won't have to keep getting banded now.
  3. Band2006needsleeve2012
    How r u doing since surgery. R u losing? Is it too much
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