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New to group and post sleeve

  1. trubatt
    Hello All!

    I'm 48 years old and am 4 days post surgery. I get the feeling I'll need all the support I can get to answer questions, keep myself on track with losing weight and upping my exercise game. I know I'm not alone and that helps already.

    I think my biggest concern right now is starting correctly with the stage 3 diet and not blowing my recovery as I literally just got out of the hospital. I had Premier Protein shakes and bottled water all set in my fridge, cleared out most non-approved items, and have all my follow up appointments in place. Still feels like I might bomb myself and make the journey here so far not worth it. I'm scared, no lie! Just want to do this right and make progress, any suggestions or comments? I still feel hungry all the time and wonder how I'm going to reach the protein and water intake goals set for me by my Team.
  2. QueenCynful
    Hi There.
    You have taken the words right out of my mouth. Its been about 16 days since my surgery and it feels like a lifetime ago. I have done everything you have and is still seems like its not enough. I'm taking it one day at a time. But I feel like everything is upside down. My friends and family have been great trying to keep me on track. But I realize this is harder then I thought. I'm at the puree stage an the food is horrible. I wish there was other options out there for this stage.
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