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New to the group!

  1. JenM
    Hi ladies -

    I'm new to this site and I just saw this group. I have not had my surgery yet - My doctor says it will be in March 2020. Have lots of questions......did any of you experience personality changes? I know that sounds weird but I've had people tell me that once I have this surgery, it will change my personality. Also I've heard that there is a lot of vomiting. I don't know anyone personally who has had this surgery and I havent been to a support group meeting yet. Although, I am going to my first one in January. I love the fact that I can get first hand experiences here on the chat. All tips are welcomed!
  2. craftymary
    I have not had either of these issues. I had some nausea and heartburn. I take Prilosec daily. I am four months out. I feel much better about myself and that helps keep me motivated.
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