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Indigestion problems

  1. Sweet_kitty
    Hi there, I had my gastric sleeve surgery on 08/09/2018, and met my goal on 01/16/2019. Just a little over 5 months. Did not lose any hair, but it thinned a little. Maintained 60g+ of protein per day, with multi-vitamins, B12, D3, Biotin and Collagen gummies. My only issue remains indigestion after eating hard proteins (beef, chic, pork, fish). It really hurts for about 1/2 hour, but then I am fine. Annoying at best. If anyone is having hard indigestion, I would love to know how you resolve it. Thank you.
  2. denzel
    Howdy @Sweet-kitty,

    Last November I was experiencing esophageal spasms.
    GP sent me for a barium swallow, the results of which showed " mild to moderate dysmobility" in my oesophagus along with "tertiary contractions" (causing severe oesophageal spasm and hold up at the junction between the oesophagus and the stomach) .

    I then had a gastroscopy, then results of which were: "Findings Oesophagus: There were broad and thin linear reflux ulcers extending 8 cm above the OG junction. The remainder of the oesophageal mucosa appeared normal. The SC/OG junction was located at 35 cm, above a 3 cm hiatus hernia; there was no Barrett's change.
    Stomach: The stomach was tubular consistent with sleeve gastrectomy. The fundus, body and antrum were otherwise normal. Duodenum: The cap and the loop were normal. Conclusion: Severe ulcerative reflux oesophagitis. "

    My GP commenced me on Pantaprazole x 2 day, and I also had a blood test to check for antibodies to Helicobacter pylori, which came back positive. I then went on a course of antibiotics.
    I'm booked in for a repeat gastroscopy in March.

    Probably a good idea for you to get it checked out.
    All the best.
  3. Sweet_kitty
    Thank you Denzel for the response. I will take your info to my PCP when I visit her next. Take care.
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