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hair loss after 60

  1. catama1
    Hello, I am age 70 and was sleeved 4 mos. ago....so now I am in the severe hair loss stage.
    Everyone says it is temporary and hair will grow back but, usually these are younger sleevers. I was wondering if it is the same for older ladies??? I already had some thinning before surgery so I am really worried if my hair will ever be like it was pre-op??
    Any comments? Thanks
  2. Ann2
    I was sleeved at 68. I just had the predicted 4-5 month hair loss. And then it all came back. Four years post-op I have at least (maybe more) hair than I had pre-op.
  3. catama1
    oh thank you so much...I am beginning to stress myself over it....but if I know it is temporary I can calm down. Thanks
  4. SAMom
    Iím 66 and stressing over it too. I donít have a lot of hair to begin with! Iíve been told that hair loss only occurs in 40% of the people. Iím hoping Iím not in the 40%! Iím 10 weeks post op. Fingers crossed!
  5. Leslieann
    I just came back to the forum. I was sleeved 2 years ago when I was 58. I had a lot of hair loss but now it's growing back. I styled it differently and of course cut it shorter. It wasn't too bad. I was willing to overlook this part because the drop in weight was more important to me!
  6. AnnieG
    I had a second surgery & blood transfusions -- my hair jumped ship! It's coming back, including eyebrows. So its temporary.
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