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48 days...It's Official

  1. EKPenguinLover
    Wow...It's really happening. In 48 days I will be having the gastric sleeve surgery. My flight was just booked. I'm a little scared about getting this tool, I have been overweight my entire life, it's like my comfort buddy and excuse for everything. Hopefully, with hard work (I have already started changing my diet to eat healtheir and increasing my exercising) and diligence, this tool will change my life forever and I will not be afraid of being smaller. I recently got put on blood pressure medicine because of my weight, and I HATE it! I HATE having to take drugs because the doctor said so in order to keep healthy. I am nervous, but excited!
    October 6th is the big day! Any words of advice, encouragement, or to-dos and not to-dos leading up to the big day?
    Anyone else going to be going to Dr. Almanza on 10/06?
  2. Pattimelt
    Congratulations on your decision to be sleeved! I must say, it's one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life, just wish I did it years ago. Dr. Almanza is a sweetheart, you'll like him and his staff. I was sleeved April 19th, and have lost over 50 pounds, and still have 60 to go. But this time, with my sleeve, I KNOW I'll make it! It's starting to go slower now, but I'm still so happy with my decision. I've never been able to stay on a typical diet, so this surgery has been a Godsend for me! You still have to put in work, and eat sensibly and stay away from junk. It is NOT always easy, but it is so worth it, because you get positive results. Just stick to the food plan and be patient - I know you'll be successful. If you can go to a support group like Overeaters Anonymous, then all the better for your success. Learning how to deal with compulsive eating is extremely helpful.

    Make sure you stay on your pre op diet perfectly, and you'll have a nice, shrunken liver which will facilitate a better, safer surgery. I'm SURE you'll have a good experience in Mexico, and I wish you all the luck in the world achieving a leaner, healthier body. Cheers!
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