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where and what place are we staying?

  1. Martini
    does anyone have the information on what the name of the hotel and the hospital that his patients stay in?
  2. KYbourbanaged53
    Hospital us Green & Health
    Hotel is Hotel Real del Rio
  3. HappyJoy53
    www.weightlossagents.com will send you a link with photos etc if you ask them for it.
  4. Dgunstone
    Weight loss agents told.ke today that Dr.A has a brand new 14 story hospital, named Grand View.
  5. swatkins
    That's not exactly true. I just returned yesterday from surgery with Almanza. I stayed at Grand View hospital. It is fairly new and they are constructing additional floors so that all guests will stay there. Currently, only 3 floors are operational. One for intake, one for surgery and one for recovery.
    Our companions were shuttled back and forth to Hotel Haciendo Del Rio for their stay. As a patient, I spent one night at the hotel upon discharge.
  6. SlimMe!
    According to WLA, all patients have to stay at the Grand View Hospital. After surgery if you would like to speak with the administrators, they can provide you with an update as to if it's ok for you to go to the Hotel Hacienda Del RIo. There is no longer nursing staff at the hotel, so all patients have been staying at the hospital during recovery. If they do allow the patient to go to the hotel, you can be charged about $70 a night. Also, your companions may be able to stay on the 3rd floor of hospital so they are close.
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