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Dr. Jorge Green & Dr. Ponce de Leon

  1. Newellmom
    I am looking at having sleeve surgery and have thought about this for over a year. Now I am serious and would like to have this done within a month or so. I looked up Hospital Angeles in Tijuana and they list Dr. Jorge Green who has done over a thousand procedures since 2012. They also list Dr. Ponce de Leon who looks like he has done quite a few more. Any one have any thoughts? Thank yuou
  2. tosh4889
    I had Dr. Hernandez in Tijuana and everything was great! Haven't had any problems and I'm 8 months post op
  3. Pear62
    I am leaving for TJ tomorrow for surgery on Thursday with Dr Ortiz. I researched several doctors and he had great reviews with a lot of procedures under his belt as well. I'll be posting my experience along the way.
  4. mwenstad
    Dr. Jorge Green did my surgery on 7/14/17 and he is awesome!
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