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  1. MusicAl

    My name's Al and I live in Australia.

    Because I am 6' tall, people have always said "you can carry your weight", " you have a large frame" etc etc etc

    I would love to hear some stories from people who have similar stats 6', 300lb. I love hearing everyone's stories
    but find those with the same physical proportions to be the most inspiring. I haven't had surgery yet but am booked in for September.

    I hope to hear from you 😎

  2. Riffraff
    Megan here at just shy of 6 foot. I've always heard that as well. I've been intrigued to see results and experiences with taller people as well. I see the numbers and people just tell me... you're not that big. Yeah, I am. lol The scale says so. I'm hoping for about a 185 result. Even when I would run and eat well (back in the day) I couldn't get under 200lbs, which looked and felt great on me.
    I am currently in the supervised visit and testing stage... should be having my sleeve done around Oct or Nov.
  3. Martini
    hello to all. im marti and im 5ft 10. and just like yall ive heard that same craziness that im not that big and or that my weight goes with my height. I call BULLSHIT! sorry for the language but it is a bunch of bull. i am at 340 now im hoping that when it is all said and done i will get down to about 175-185. that is my goal in my head atleast. lol i have my date already set for Oct 20th. i hope to find some others that go that weekend so im not alone. but either way its happening
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