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Hospitalized for Six Days Now

  1. LasVegas2000
    Well, I must have been one of the unlucky ones. I am 6 weeks post on and have been hospitalized for being very ill from vomiting and nausea and no food or appetite for the last 4 weeks. I am lucky I have healthcare through the VA. They found that my stomach was stapled in a twist instead of a nice curve. Which is affecting my ability to eat and tons of pain. I contacted the agents to get a recommendation from my symptoms. But to no avail. I have not heard anything for over week from the surgeon or office.
    Through a gastric scope they found my stapling to be in a twist like figure versus a nicely shaped C shape. I also now have two hernias that I never had before. I am hoping to get released from the hospital tomorrow but may have to stay. I'm still in a lot of pain and just starting to stop the dry heaving and throwing up of mucous.
    I'm sure many have had a positive recovery, however I am here to warn you to have some type of follow-up doctor willing to help you knowing you have this procedure in Mexico. It is a major surgery that will permantely alter your anatomy. Also, even if they claim to use quality staples. The important issue is making sure those staples are placed correctly to keep a flowing digestive system.
    I am guessing that I will more than likely need to switch from a Gastric Sleeve to Roux Bypass in order to get better and healthy. In my sixth week and only able to take in broth. The Gastroenterolist also found a staple very close to the esophagus and stomach valve which has caused a slight hiatal hernia. Not fun. None of it.
    1. Make sure you are H. Pylori free.
    2. Investigate GERD issues before making your choice.
    3. Decide if Gastric Sleeve is better than a bypass. Because with the bypass there seems to be less problems.

    I'll keep you updated.
  2. Tamera2
    I'm so sorry to hear what happened to you. I hope you get better soon. Unfortunately Bypass isn't without problems, high risk for malnutrition. But obviously you can't live like this. I had successful surgery 1-24-17. My recovery is going good. praying you recover soon and get the care that's best for you. Keep us posted on how your doing. Disappointed to hear about the lack of response with Weightloss agents.
  3. Teresa5
    I'm so sorry that you are going through this. I hope you will be better soon. Thanks for sharing those of us yet to have surgery surgery need to hear the good an bad.
  4. rcupps@sbcglobal.net
    Im 5 weeks out and haven't had any issues. So sorry that things are not well with you. Praying for a fast recovery. I'm down 65 pounds and feel great. I can eat about 3 oz and I am stuffed. Hope they get you fixed up real soon.
  5. Vanessa7
    Hey I'm so sorry to hear about all this. We had surgery on the same day and I think we might've been in the same room after surgery? There was 4 of us...
  6. LasVegas2000
    Hi Vanessa - yes I was the one with bad vomiting and bathroom breaks. Guess I was the unlucky one. But I am happy that I have good care here in the states. Also, just found out I have kidney stones from the dehydration. I am hopeful. I'm fine with losing weight at a slower pace as long as my long term health is in tact. I've dropped forty pounds and it has slowed which I'm fine with. It gives me time to work on protein intake and muscle retainment.

    Still in the hospital and this is day 6. So glad your doing well Vanessa!

    And thanks for the encouragement everyone.
  7. lmariedragon
    so sorry you are having such a hard time, I was there at the same time. I have had no complications. I have been in contact with my primary doctor in the event I had complications. And you are correct, this is major surgery, and problems can arise with any surgery regardless of where it is performed. Do keep us updated on your recovery.
  8. Vanessa7
    Hey! Yes, i remember that. I had surgery right after you and we were placed in the same room. I was so concerned for you because you were dry heaving and you were worried but the nurses said the stomach was stapled and glued. I kept asking if you were ok and you said you were very nauseous. We thought it was from the anesthesia but i guess this issue you're having would explain why you might have been experiencing the feelings you had after surgery. That was a rough couple of days. Anyways, you seem to be in good spirits after all this which is inspiring. I will keep you in my prayers but i think you will have a speedy recovery.

    Congrats on the weight loss, thats a plus to all this madness. The weight loss has slowed down for me too...its only about 1-2 pounds a week but i feel the same way you do. It will come off eventually just need to focus on the protein intake. Again, i am sorry you are going through this but things have to get better from here. Please keep me posted. <3
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