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Hello All - I'm 46 Male and new to this site

  1. Victor
    Anyone here weigh in at 260 going into their surgery? I'm curious to know how it is going for you or how did it go for you post op. Anyone care to share?

    Thank you so much.

  2. pineapple
    Hey! Sadly, I weighed more than that (306). I am about 3 years out, and currently weigh 230, up from a low of 213. I have yet to meet my goal of 170. I wish you the best of luck--anyone who thinks this is an easy answer is a dumb dumb. I struggle, as now I am able to eat more, and have to be super careful NOT to. Aughhhhh! So difficult for me, still! Protein drinks are my friends, as I am most easily able to control calories that way.
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