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June 2017 Surgery

  1. MercyWill
    I'm new to the whole process. My surgery date is 1 Jun 17 in Tijuana. I have told no one and don't plan to, I am exactly 200 lbs, and everyone thinks all I need to do is exercise more. I run and try to watch what I eat, but my weight stays the same. I'm glad I found this group. I am very anxious.
  2. Tamera2
    Hi Mercy, Try not to worry, your in good hands. I had Dr Almanza 1-24/17. It was the best experience and wouldn't go anywhere else. My recovery going good. I was like you and had great difficulty loosing weight. I shared my experience on this site under welcome. Or if you have questions I'm happy to answer or p.m me and I give you my number. Good Luck with your journey
  3. RehabNurse
    My weight on the day of surgery was 218 pounds. I was always able to lose significant amounts of weight through diet and exercise, but could never keep it off for the long term. I have no regrets about getting sleeved 2 years ago. Good luck to you.
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