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  1. Ibleedblue
    Happy new year! I hope everyone is doing well and keeping up with the new healthy you. I just wanted to put in a quick update as i was on here looking for recipe ideas for breakfast. I have become addicted to chobani flips and need to cut the sugar. So my lowest weight was 132.3 but now i am maintaining give or take some ounces at 138. Id like to be lower but I'm not giving it 100% at all right now as we are in the process of selling our house to buy something bigger and there is a lot of stress involved with that. Planning for me is still the key. I always have a fit elite bar or a cheese stick in my purse so i never rely on fast food again. My family still eats terribly. I buy healthy things and they go out (3 of the kids are driving now) so i do what i can and focus on me. It makes me sad to see the amount of toxins they are putting in their body but ultimately all i can do is watch out for myself and low key encourage. Thankfully no one had a real weight problem because they all play sports and do go to the gym. Ive really changed so much. My Facebook keeps popping up memories of my fat pictures, which helps me keep on track lol, but more than that i didn't feel good back then. Now i feel like i can get out there and live life. How is everyone doing?
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