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Dec2016 anyone still in this group

  1. GrandmaCC
    I am week 5 out and looking to see if anyone is still in this group. Most posts are old
  2. Jackie12
    I'm here. Ten weeks out. ��
  3. wvrnsson
    I'm here. I'm 4 months since surgery. I've posted in other groups, but like you said no one's been posting in here. Good luck!
  4. Pam G
    Pam G
    I'm here. 7 months out.
  5. Ann2
    I'm here. 71 years old. 2 years, 4 and a half months out.
  6. Faithful
    I am five weeks out and flying home today
    I lurk occasionally
  8. GrandmaCC
    I am 5 weeks out and not able to eat yet
    going back in Tuesday to find out why
  9. dbregina
    I'm new to this group... sleeved Nov 30th. Happy New Year !
  10. bigdogluver
    Hi fellow over 50-ers. I'm starting my journey, my surgery is on 3/22/17. If there are any tips/tricks or thoughts that you can share? Does anyone have sciatica problems and do they improve? Anyone in Maryland area? All the best!
  11. GinaMarieShip
    Hi 50+Sleevers, I have my first appointment with my surgeon May 3rd. I have a question do we lose less weight because of our age? Hopefully I will get my surgery date soon I ready to get my life back.

    Thanks for all of your support in advance

  12. TAkers
    Hi 50+Sleevers,
    I am very nervous and anxious over the start of this journey. I am just in the first stage of reaching out to a bariatric surgeon. I have heard great things about Dr. Steele but cannot believe that I am considering this as my next option. I have the support of my family and friends but they are not the ones taking this step.....lol. I wish you all much success in your journey as I hope to have in mine.

  13. Pegster
    Hi 50+ Sleevers! I get sleeved in 4 days, Im the N. Houston area and am excited for this journey to start.
  14. CyndiJ
    Hi, I am new to this group !! I am scheduled for sleeve surgery 1/26/2018. I am so excited !!! Any tips would be greatly appreciated !!!
  15. CyndiJ
    I am here
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