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Helpful proteins/meals

  1. Christie13
    What are some go to staples that you're eating. I've found the flavored tuna pouches to be pretty easy and convenient. Naturally the shakes help in a pinch. I also keep Atkins Lift protein bars in my purse and desk. With a ziplock because I can't eat the full thing. I do find bites here and there help with heartburn and hunger. I don't think I can truly differentiate the two right now. What are some of your favorites?
  2. Jeanne Loves the Sun
    Jeanne Loves the Sun
    I'm only 2 1/2 weeks out but a packaged string cheese is good and can be eaten slowly. Yogurt packs a lot of protein and it might fill that sweet fix. A few nuts ( if you're able to have them)!

    I too love the packaged tuna and am able to eat that now if I blend a little miracle whip into to thin out. I'm realizing that my diet post sleeve is a little more laid back than some. Meat is the only thing I've sent through the blender though I usually don't eat anything else with exception of an occasional 1-2 tbsp of mashed potato.
    Good luck! If I think of anything else I'll be sure to post it.
  3. Marian
    Protein is a struggle. I have been making omelette from one egg, but I have a hard time finishing them, and always feel uncomfortable afterwards. I have been eating a lot of oatmeal. I make it with more water than called for and let it boil to oblivion. That is really wonderful for the stomach. I tried adding protein powder to it, but that made it taste like paper. Whenever I try to eat something more dinnery, I fill up with just a few small bites. Banana and low-fat yogurt are also staples in my food these days.
  4. danimarie
    I had my surgery 11/28. I do the flavored tuna pouches too, they are just the right size. Premier protein drinks, quest and premier protein bars. Cheese sticks, egg whites with non fat cheddar cheese, canned chicken with a little bit of light miracle whip. Pretty soon I'm going to make a mini turkey burger with cheese, no bun though. I'm getting in 70-80g of protein in and making sure I'm getting in all my fiber, water, and vitamins. Exercise is harder to do every day, it's more like every other day right now and only 30 minutes fast paced on my treadmill. I'm eating like every 3 hours though and not sure if that is correct, makes me feel like a pig but then when I add my meals to my tracker it's usually only 600 something calories... Surgeon wants me at 1000 so not too sure how that is going to happen.
  5. RockyPeaches
    I'm 6 weeks post-op, and eat chuck pepper steak (thin sliced chuck beef) cooked at 170-200 degrees for at least an hour- 2 hours. Also I find quest protein chips are really good, 130 calories a bag, 22g protein, 2 net carbs, no sweeteners (sour cream cheddar is the best flavor), another good snack are dried chickpeas. For dairy, I have cottage cheese or plain or vanilla Icelandic yogurt. I don't have any problem hitting my protein minimum (60g), yesterday I ended up with 132g protein, and 24.5 net carbs (try to keep it under 30)

    How many grams of protein is your daily goal?
  6. minime87
    I am amazed at the difference in doctors' recommendations for what we can eat. I am 4 1/2 weeks post op and still on full liquid phase. I dont move to soft foods until week 5. Then I can have chicken salad, tuna salad, cooked mashed vegetables, baked fish, eggs, refried beans, string cheese, etc. My doctor wants me to have a minimum of 60 grams of protein a day. This mostly is coming from Premier protein shakes, yogurt, shredded cheese added to soups and grits. I have purchased unflavored protein powder, but haven't tried it yet. I am very ready to be able to have some chicken and fish starting next week when I hot the 5 week mark!
  7. elle77
    To help with my protein intake. I made sugar free protein pudding. Sugar free pudding box and I use one Premier protein shake and add water to make it two cups of liquid. Blend all together and you have a low calorie protein packed snack. I divide them into little cups. It's really good. Premiere protein shakes, Quest shakes and bars, shredded chicken, yogurt, and cheese sticks.
  8. janellak
    I don't eat meat or dairy so my options are more limited. I'm 4 weeks post op. On soft foods & liquids only. Breakfast is protein shake, fruit, juice, or scrambled tofu. I make food for my household then just do a modified version for me. Couple days ago I made black bean enchiladas, I took some stuffing & mashed it extra to feed me for a few days (no tortilla). Yesterday I made spaghetti w/ high protein pasta, i broke up the pasta extra and mixed it in with my marinara. For lunch today it's quinoa with onions, bell peppers, tomato, & olives.No problem with protein since I'm drinking protein shakes, eating beans, tofu, & quinoa.
  9. Christie13
    I am still low carbing it. That was my nutritionists recommendation. I have had a random bit of a bread or tortilla but can say probably 4 bites in 6.5 weeks. I was allowed to eat soft solids at 2 weeks and then at 4 weeks firmer solids as tolerated. I eat a lot less when eating real food so it takes me a long time to eat. I have to use shakes to get enough protein. I am supposed to get 60-80 grams of protein. I haven't really been tracking it but I really need to start writing it down. Because when I start to calculate what I had for the day I fall short. So my new goal is to get serious on getting my protein in. Anyone else having that problem?
  10. dbregina
    I'm still struggling to get proper diet in, i'm way low on protein and even just calories I think some days. Tracking is hit and miss.I track if i'm having a good day, lol. My stomach the last few days on and off is a bit tender, I think from me pushing the boundaries too much (not in the amount of food, but what i'm eating). Time to get a plan!
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