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Confused about pre-op diet

  1. peytonbryant
    Help!! I didn't a specific pre-op diet. In one e-mail I got it has food on it yet I am seeing people talk about the liquid diet. Help me!
  2. Mags2113
    First, where are you having surgery? I went through Weightlossagents.com and they are great to deal with. I had a strict 3 day pre-op diet that consisted of: chicken broth (low sodium), jello (sugar free), sugar free popsicles, diet snapple, protein shakes. You might want to ask your dr. about what you need to do pre-op. Everyone is different. Good luck!
  3. azladyrider
    I just had a 3 day liquid too - no protein shakes though or so I was told but yeah everyone is different. Depends on your current weight and lots of things - I've seen people on one for 10 day preop
  4. Shirl
    Try to get clarification and specifics from your surgeon's office. There isn't consensus on preop diets standards for what I have seen. Each surgeon may prescribe his own. My surgeon required a two week liver cleanse diet, with a presurgery 3-day clear liquid only diet. I self imposed a liquid diet 6weeks pre op. I started with replacing one meal a day with a high protein shake, then progressively started cutting high fat high sugar foods, coffee and alcohol. I lost 19 pounds by surgery date. My surgeon was very happy with me.

    Checkout Dr. Matthew Weiner YouTube videos for pre and post op information. I believe he has info on pre surgery nutrition. Also go to https://asmbs.org/patients and start doing your own research on what may work for you. WLS is not a one size fits all and if your current surgeon cannot provide the support you need you may have to reconsider and find another who will.
  5. WannaBeALoser
    I have a 14-day pre-op diet consisting of protein shakes and greek yogurt. I think my goal is to be 90 grams of protein a day and around 800 calories. I don't have my surgery date yet, but the doctor has already given me my pre-op instructions.
  6. Joyzeegrl2
    I was told 7 days protein shakes which would be 800 calories a day. No caffeine. I spoke to the dietician about caffeine and she said you don't want to come out of surgery with a big headache from no coffee, but you could cut down gradually.
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