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Desperate to be healthy

  1. heather077

    Hey Everyone!! My name is Heather and I am 39 yrs old and a Stay at home Mom. I just had my last baby in June which makes number 6. My oldest who is 20 and married is expecting her first in February. I want to be a healthy mother and grandmother!! I want to stick around!

    I went to a seminar a week ago and have my first appt on Oct 6th. I am so nervous and scared that my insurance wont cover it. I really hope it does! I cant afford anything out of pocket.

    Can everyone share their experience?

  2. YOLO48
    Wow! 6 kids! Congratulations. It's ok to want something for yourself and it's perfectly normal to be scared and excited all at the same time. I didn't tell anyone I was having it and went through it alone (physically, I had this forum the entire journey!) I didn't want to hear all of the nay-sayers because at the end of the day, it was my decision. We are here to support you in any way we can. Chat, vent, block people...whatever you have to do for support. Those of us that have been through it know how important it is to have someone understand what you're going through even though you voluntarily (yes, I've had that thrown in my face) put yourself through it. So go to your appointment in a positive frame of mind, do everything you are asked to do and come back here and let it all out!!!

    My best to you!

  3. heather077
    Well, i could cry...and I did. The dr office called today and said my insurance does not cover it. i cant self pay. We dont have near that kind of money. I feel so hopeless....
  4. Joyful54
    Hi Heather
    I'm so sorry your doctor turned you down. I tell you I felt the same way for years. I know you think you can't afford to do this but I can tell you I had many of years of spending on diets which I'm sure added up to the cost you would pay to have this done. Besides this, paying for it willl make you think twice about blowing the diet after the surgery. The surgery is only a tool my friend. You will quickly lose weight but if you don't follow the rules to the tee, all the rest of your life, you will gain the weight back. I've watch people gain it back. I constantly have to make sure I exercise and eat the right foods. Carbs are our ultimate enemy. Start drinking protein drinks now. This should be your main source of food and get rid of all snacks from the house. Teach your children to eat healthy and you Will too. The secret is eat less, drink your meals, exercise every day and don't bring snacks into the house, period. My son is one I've watch put the weight back on. It just breaks my heart. He has two boys I pray never have to deal with weight. So far so good. But when I go to their house they're cubboards are filled with all kinds of snacks therefore my son is victimized by the lack of courage to stop bringing the snacks in. Even though our stomachs were reduced complex carbs don't fill you up like protein doe therefore you can add 1000 of calories back into your diet just like you do now without surgery by eating complex carbs. They melt on your tongue before getting to your stomach therefore resulting in higher amounts of calories that make us fat. If you can't have surgery do as I say earlier, stick to drinking your meals and a balance meal at supper and walk at least 60 minutes a day. Every 10th day you can have a cheat day to throw off your metabolism to start losing again, eat anything you want that day but be sure you don't keep any of the left overs around. Throw out everthing you had for that day, I mean everything needs to be taken out of the house in the garbage or disposal and get back on track immediately. Trust me, this is the magic secret. It works. God Bless you! I'll be praying for you. Joyful at 62.
  5. Joyzeegrl2
    I had insurance that didn't cover it. Then I got a job that had insurance that did cover it. You never know. But basically we all have to do the same thing. Try to really think about whats going through your head when you overeat and don't follow good eating habits. Is it stress ? The sleeve does not get rid of stress. We have to come up with other ways of dealing with stress. I'm trying to do more outdoor things, and reading also helps relieve stress. Having someone help you with housework and kids so you could exercise would be nice, but if you cant do that maybe when they go outside you can ride a bike with them or just invent some kind of game and run around.
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