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Back to work?

  1. Jac-Jac
    Hi - I was wondering if anyone could let me know if they returned to work immediately after getting sleeved. My surgery is scheduled for Aug 26th and I need to get back to work on the 30th. I sit behind a desk all day so I hopefully I won't have an issue. I also wasn't planning on telling anyone that I am having the surgery and my husband thinks this is crazy because people will ask him why and how I am losing weight. Is this horrible of me to ask him not to tell anyone?

  2. Healthmyself
    I'm 3 months out..... I would not have been able to go back to work that quickly. I went back after 9 days and it was rough. I think you need at least a week or two minimum.i found the pressure on incisions from sitting up too uncomfortable at first and preferred lying down. If you can take more time off I would decidedly recommend two weeks. It's a huge shock to your body to have your tummy mostly removed.

    And no you don't need to tell everyone. There are lots of sour opinions out there....like " you took the easy way out" ...

    WHAT??? Is suffering obesity and related health issues.... and failing over and over at diets and feeling terrible about it for YEARS.....and then getting a surgery that is certainly no cake walk what so ever the " EASY " way? People who think that don't have a clue so there is nothing wrong with not wanting to engage them or their comments in your life. It's your journey, tell them you are on a high protein low carb low calorie food plan if they ask what you are doing. Cuz you will be after surgery. Best wishes, I'm happy and excited for your future!
  3. Mags2113
    My surgery is on the 23rd of September, and I am having surgery on a Friday, and not going back to work until Thursday. I know a lot of people who have had surgery, and have gone back to work 3 -5 days post op and no problems. I also sit behind a desk....but walking around won't be hard for me to do. I have told a lot of people, and I have gotten "that look", but I pay no attention. As long as I am happy and healthy, that is all I care about :-) Good luck! We will get through this! :-)
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